Hpv 18 and low grade dyskaryosis

Hi everyone


Any words of comfort and similar  experience would be greatly appreciated. I am 35 and never had an abnormal smar before. Had my last smear in June this year and after 5 weeks of waiting it came back as high risk hpv 18 and low grade dyskaryosis. I knew something must be up after having to wait so long for the result.I have read up on it and it seems quite common but i am still so scared. I have a coloscopy next week and i'm terrified that they'll find something more severe. A close family member has recently recovered from testicular cancer and it was obviously an uttetly awful time for everyone. I don't think i could cope if it came to the worst case scemario. I know i'm jumping the gun here  but it's an issue that's close to my heart and gives me huge anxiety. On top of everything else i'm.moving abroad for a new job in August...there is no good time for news like this but this is really bad timing. Would be so grateful for any advice/similar stories and messages of comfort. Thank you:)

Hi there

im in the same boat with Colposcopy on Thursday this week. 

I go from terrified to "it'll be nothing" every day so I know how you feel.

At the moment Im in the it'll be fine mode so my advice to both of us is try not to worry. -lol

Reading stories on here this seems to be quite common and most situations are resolved easily.

I'm keeping busy and that helps.

wishping you a relaxed few days.





i had my smear results after waiting just over 3 months! Everyone kept saying no news is good news which obviously isn’t always the case, I was forever ringing the doctors as my first results didn’t take this long and all they said was there’s a back log. 

Sort of annoyed that my letter came back with abnormalities and to say I waited that long, you’d think they’d be the first to go out. 

Anyways letter came back as low grade dyskaryosis and positive for HPV, not sure what level the HPV is as letter didn’t say. 

Had my colposcopy appointment Tuesday just gone, it wasn’t that bad, you lay there and the nurse gets a telescope looking item out with a camera on. You get to see on the screen what they’re doing, she zoomed in on my cervix and said everything seemed ok and no cancer, shown me the HPV which I thought was loads but she said it’s only a small amount of cells that’s been effected and since my smear the HPV has started to clear up on it’s own. 

She took two biopsy’s, it didn’t hurt but you could feel it, it just felt uncomfortable. Now waiting on results which can take up to 4 weeks to see what CIN it is and if I need treatment. 

My anxiety is up the roof how ever I’m trying my best to stay calm, stress can make the HPV worse the nurse told me. 

Good luck x

Thanks for your reply Alison:) I feel exactly the same way. Ok one minute then the next my mind starts to wander. I think you're right about keeping busy. It's the best way to deal with it. I'm also going to take really good care of myself physically as much as i can. It just helps to feel there are things you can do to feel better. Really hope everything goes well for you. Here if you want to chat.

3 months!?..i thought 5 weeks was long. The actual examination doesn't seem too bad. The main thing i find hard is the waiting. I am so grateful i have access to care where they have spotted this problem and will treat it quickly but it really does stress you out. I really hope everything goes well for you:)

Waiting is definitely the worse bit. I've been told smear found CIN2 but they didn't mention HPV!

so many questions but I'm sure after Colposcopy on Thursday I'll be wondering what all the fuss was about..... fingers crossed anyway 

Good to to chat on here though - I don't feel so alone.

take care girls.



It’s probably more than likely you do have HPV how ever they should mention it to you on Thursday! If not make sure you ask

Good luck for Thursday, make sure you have a pad with you just incase the nurse doesnt have any out, I didn’t bleed there and then but I put one on to be safe, the discharge didn’t start until later on and then bleeding the day after for a couple days x