Mild Dyskaryosis and Positive HPV

Hi all,

I am hoping someone can put my mind at ease. 

Mum not able to contact my nurse as they don't take direct calls. I've been online but to be honest I've just wound myself up by what I am found.

my smear result came back as mild dyskaryosis and positive HPV.

I am awaiting an appointment for colposcopy but I am in such a state over this letter. All I can think about is that I'm 33 and have two small children and a husband that o don't want to leave!

I know fear of the unknown is natural but I'm actually becoming a wreck and crying myself to sleep each night!

With this result what can I expect? Obviously each individual case is different but am I likely to have cancerous changes? Could I come out of the colposcopy with news that I fear the most?

I just have so many questions in my head and no one to talk to! When I google I just get faced with 'cancer diagnosis' and I'm beside myself!



first of all it is perfectly normal to worry but please don't google symptoms as it is always worse case senario.


i had my first smear at 25 and it came back as cin 3 which is severe and positive for hpv. I had to go and have a coloscopy which is pretty similar to a smear for you as they will examine you but they inject a local anesthetic and remove the bad cells with a loop.


i know it all sounds really scary but I promise it isn't as bad as it sounds and you are in some pain afterwards but it feels similar to bad period pain. Usually this kind of treatment will clear the effected cells but a follow up smear after 6 months will confirm.


hopefully this will give you a little more info but if you have any other questions then I'll try to answer. :)

Thank you so much for your reply!

I feel a little better in the daytime but as soon as it's nighttime I am struggling to sleep because so much plays on my mind! I am hating the waiting game until I hear when my colposcopy appt will be!

When you go for the appt is it possible that although they said mild on the smear results it could be worse? From what I understand from reading on this site mild equates to CIN1, so could they do further tests and come back with CIN2/3?

im trying not to Google anymore because it just upsets me!!

Hi Bambi84

I'm in exactly the same position as you and also struggling a little with the worry of waiting for my colposcopy appointment. Also, stressed at thought of having to wait four weeks for my results to come back even after my colposcopy, but ho hum, what can you do? 

Try not to worry too much, lovely. For the most part they will have caught the changes early, and your abnormal cells can be removed to prevent them from becoming cancerous in the future. It's worth noting that many cervical smears miss mild changes, so in fact, even though it totally doesn't feel like it, I guess we are both lucky that the problem has been picked up. This way at least we'll be able to receive treatment if there are cancerous cells... otherwise we could have just gone on for years not knowing and cancers could have developed to a more severe stage.

Anyway, keep me posted. I guess since we received our initial letters at the same time, we might end up having our colposcopies at the same time too. Nice to have some company on this deeply unpleasant journey.

With hugs,

Hi Red Sequin!

Thank you for your reply! 

Although it's a horrible thing to be waiting for I'm glad I'm not alone if you know what I mean! 

I find myself constantly watching the letterbox hoping that the letter will hurry up! I've had enough now! 

I agree I'm thankful changes have been picked up now but I guess there is that part of me that is naturally worrying! I am having to stop myself googling because that upsets me!


Keep me posted with how you get on!! Xx


Got my appt through today - after harassing Dr because I hadn't heard! They've known for a week!!

ive got my appt on 10th August - hope you get yours through soon! X

Ah, I'm so glad you're being seen soon! Unfortunately my appointment isn't until 11 September, which feels like ages away. What was the date of your original letter? x