HPV and low grade dyskaryosis help! Worried

Hi girls, 

im back again with more questions as I’d the results of my second smear sent out in the post,  it said low grade dyskaryosis, and hpv which was in the privious smear. 

Has anyone on here have or had the same results? 

And is this serious Is this? I’ve googled it but would like to know from someone on here  if its something thatll go away in time, I hope! And what’s your experienc? did you have any symptoms? As now that I’ve got these results I’m feeling pains, slightly, up in my vagina, so now I’m  just freeking out about it all. And getting second colposcopy 1st March . I’m doing serious stressing and  getting anxiety over all this stuff going on.I’m over thinking everything 

if someone has any Info and experiences on this please 

thank you so much x

Hi Lynda, I had my very first smear in 2015 and i got the same results as you. I agree, at a young age of 25 having a first test and finding you have these results is worrying because its not very clear on what it means. My experience with what happened was i was referred to Colposcopy at the hospital for further examination where a biopsy was taken. It's nothing bad, feels like a tiny pinch and is over in a few seconds, nothing to worry about. Afterwards, i felt like i had period pain, which i was uncomfortable with as being on the mini pill for some years and not having periods, i wasn't used to such a sensation. once the results came in, it was confirmed i had CIN1 which is nothing to worry about because this is something which can be monitored and can clear up on its own. I was scheduled an appointment for a follow up smear in a years time, as opposed to the usual 3 or 5 year gap. I had the smear the following year and they also used some sort of dye to get a better visual, all looked ok. Then i was scheduled a follow up smear for the following year. I had this 4 weeks ago and the smear has come back the same - low grade dyskaryosis with high risk HPV. i am just waiting for the official letter for the next steps.

I'm sure everything will be fine. With yourself, you have nothing to worry about as your results can clear up on their own which is they they have you in for a smear each year. Unfortunately, i am not one of the cases that has cleared up. 


Hope my experience can put you at ease and try not to worry so much, i know its hard.


Good Luck Smile x

Hi Lynda, 


I had the exact same results as you. I have my colposcopy on Thursday and I am a bit anxious what to expect. However, reading a few posts on here.. it does seem like I am worrying for nothing. 


I will let you know how I get on after Thursday if you want to private message me! 



Hi Lynda.

I had same one year ago hpv and low grade changes in borderline and I had a colposkopy.After that the doctor told me there is no need to take a sample at the moment but you will come back after a year for a smear test.I went one month ago and one week ago I took the results and I was clear no hpv no changes.

I would recomend you stay on a healthy diet and go to the gym.I did that and I couldnt believe when she said me the results are back to normal so dont wory about that.