Waiting 4 weeks, now they need to have a meeting?

Hello ladies. It's my first time posting here, but I've read a lot which has helped put my mind at ease. It's a wonderful support to know that there are lovely ladies out there who are going through the same worries and fighting the same battles, but all so happy to offer help and advice.

So my story. My first smear at 25 - CIN 3. I had a biopsy, then a LLETZ. Checkups went well. About 2 monhs ago I went for my smear test (2 years after the original issue). Test showed no cell changes but HPV, so they brought me in to have a look, no big deal. But they said they wanted to take a biopsy, so they did 2 from different areas of my cervix.

A week or so later I got a letter saying they had to discuss my results in a meeting as the biopsy results did not match my test results. I thought the best and that there may have been a false positive on the HPV, afterall they weren't rushing me in like the first time around.

Bad news, it's nore CIN3, though when I went to see my doctor he said they, 'hadn't been sure aboutmy results, perhaps it was on the edge of being very severe'???

So I had another LLETZ. That was 4 weeks ago to the day! I called up on Monday thinking my letter may have gotten lost in the post. The nurse fished around for a while and said that my lab report had been very late, she didn't know why. But said that the doctor has noted that my case must again be discussed in their forghnightly meeting. The meeting is this coming Monday and I should hear from them soon.

I'm worrying so much!!! Does bringing my case to a meeting mean good/bad???? Or is it just because they've had to discuss my case previously?? Does that mean it's likely I may need more treatment? Or likely it's become cancer now? Do they really take it to a meeting if all is well??

I'm only 27, I want kids in the future and I feel quite alone in all of this as I live a 3h drive from friends and family. I want to be prepared...


Has anyone else been through this? Any advice?


Thanks so much,


Jen x

Hi Jen, in my experience they should call you back to your gp or colposcopy clinic to discuss the results with you in more detail before referring it to a meeting. Although I guess if there is some confusion over your results and you've already had 2 lletz procedures they may want to discuss an alternative route such as a cone biopsy or a scan to explore further.

I'd like to try to reassure you that the fact you've had 2 lletz means that they are keeping an eye on you, and if it has begun to change to cervical cancer, then it will be very early stages as they've kept a close eye on you. I was diagnosed with cc at 26 and I've had my all clear now, and I can still have children.

if I was you I would ring the colposcopy clinic and get some more info or ensure that someone rings you after the meeting so you're not waiting around for more info.


Thanks for your comments Tank, that is a reassurance to know you've been through all of that and you're still able to have kids! Wow poor you that all happened very quickly, didn't it!!

Glad you are doing well now :)

Funny you mention lymph nodes, I've had problems with swollen lymph nodes for a while now. Particularly one that's been swollen since last January, weird thing is it's in my left armpit??? So hopefully comepletely unrelated. I had an MRI to check it out about 5 months ago and they said it was fine, so that's something at least. But it does make my mind worry!!

And yes, they just sent me a letter the first time telling me they had to have a meeting about it too, leaves you feeling a little lost really!


Jen xx