Results are in

Hi Ladies,

My biopsy and lletz procedure was 18th March so 4 weeks yesterday. I had not recieved my results letter so called the clinic and left a message. Had a call back this morning to advise that I had CIN 3 but all abnormalities were successfully removed. I am so relieved. 

Just wanted to thank all you ladies on these forums. Speaking to some of you and reading others experiences has been a great help. 

For those if you still waiting for results after 4 weeks, I would recommend calling the clinic to see if they are there. I still have no letter but was advised they will put it in writing.

Thanks again and good luck and best wishes to you all.


Hi DB12 ,

That's really good news ! Bet you are relieved . Had exactly the same results 2 weeks ago. Still no letter but I called the hospital too . 

Wishing you all the best 

Lorna xx

I called the hospital and they said four weeks was too early.. My results were on the doctors desk and she didn't know when id recieve them. So unhelpful! il call back on Monday and hope to speak to a different nurse. 


Would definitely try again Gemlou. 

I called last week and they said the results were there but I would receive a letter. As it had been a week I thought I would try again. I think from my message they could tell how anxious I was so told me over the phone. 

So annoying when they are there but they can't tell you. Fingers crossed you have them soon. 

Glad your results were good too Lornie. 

Take Care


So glad things worked out well for you.  I'm just wondering how long other people have had to wait for results?  I went for a smear test after bleeding during sex was becoming the norm In January 2015.  Two weeks later phoned practice for results to be told everything was normal.  So was relieved and went about my life. a few weeks later I got a letter asking me to make an appointment, where I was told I had cin2.  I had a colposcopy n biopsies done in February.  I could clearly see my cervix was extensively covered in a lesion with a large separate elision in the bottom left quarter.  I am still waiting for results since February despite a number of calls to the hospital.  I had a hp appointment last week and she was able to access the report showing cin 2 cin 3 and glandular involvement.  I phoned the hospital this week to be told that it was with the Dr and I would get a letter in a few weeks.  I'm shocked at the length of time this is taking, if I'd gone private I'd have got the results within 3 days!!! I read on here about people getting them in two/four weeks, it seems a rediculously long time to have to wait n worry. I'm in Northern Ireland n I'd love to hear if anyone else is having to wait this long?


Well I've had a long wait too . Had a colposcopy in December I waited 10 weeks for results ! Them got them only because my gp got onto it for me ! Was then told I need a LLETZ which was not done until 2nd of march ! Was promised results in four weeks which I didn't get .. In the end I called the hospital and asked for my consultant to call me which he did . Had my results over the phone which were fine with just a follow up in September. Was promised a letter from him confirming my results.. That's been two weeks now and still no letter !! Would advise you to keep contacting your hospital - the worry and waiting I experienced was awful 

Wishing you all the best 

Lorna xx

Thankyou for replying lorna.  Can I ask where you are based.  It seems the length of time it takes to gets results varies depending on where you are.  I knew going into my colposcopy I had cin2 and assumed I would get treatment the same day.  When I asked they said they didn't do that.  It seems a long drawn out process to me.  If a private clinic can get the results within three days, probably using the same labs why does the nhs take weeks/months to do the same.  I'm sorry if I'm coming across as a complaining cow, but i think I've been more that patient and it's driving me mad worrying.  The way I see it by the time I get my letter, the appointment could be several weeks later, then have to wait weeks for results, it'll have been nearly half the year gone!  I guess a big part of the fear and frustration is the loss of control in my life.  I just want it over and done with like everyone else.  

Need for life, i just spotted your from Northern Ireland too... the wait here is VERY long... i was referred for colposcopy after a borderline smear in february... wouldnt even know this if i hadnt called my gp to ask why i hadnt received my smear results and they told me the results over the phone. I called the colp clinic and they told me approx 34 week wait for a colp never mind waiting for results for that! I know my smear was only borderline but its still a crazy wait! I went privately-was seen a week later and had results 10 days after that (eastwr holidays slowed it down a little). Im still waiting for any information from my original NHS referral! Honestly think im going to take out private medical insurance because I honestly dont think I could cope if this happens again and i have to wait for NHS... it just shows how much strain the health service is under here!

Hi alexs nice to hear from you.  So do you think that's the norm here then.  think you might be right about private medical insurance, but do you think you can get that if you've already been diagnosed?  Do you mind me asking if it was expensive to get the colposcopy done privately and what clinic you used?

I went to 3fivetwo in belfast. It was expensive-consult, colp and biopsy cost me £600... the basically quoted me anything fro £600-£1000 depending on whether i ended up with biopsy, lletz or cone biopsy.  Im at th stage where im starting to look into private insurance-wondering the same thing to be honest. But doctor doesnt think i should have a problem since mine turned out to be quite a minor problem so u might need to investigate it accordin to your personal diagnosis. H3 healthcare in belfast work directly with 352 so it might be worth giving them a call.

Thanks alexs I'll check that out next week. If you go ahead with the pmi let me know how you get on.  Thanks for all your help x

Great news :-)

Take care and I'm really glad all went well for you x

Thank you and i'm glad too :D