Need to talk

Hi everyone. Look time reader, first-time poster. Apologies for the long and graphic post, but I feel like I need to speak to someone....anyone!

I have been going for regular smear tests for a few years now. They've always come back with a clear result...until this year

I turned 30 on the 16th August and decided to "treat" myself to a smear on the 15th August! 

My periods have been really irregular for quite some time, and I have been bleeding after sex for a while also. I just put this down to my cycle being messed up as I came off the pill 1.5 years ago as we're trying for a baby.

My smear test came and went, and I didn't think anything of it.

A couple of weeks later, I received a letter advising that they found high-risk HPV and I would need to come in for a Colposcopy. 

The lady at my local Colposcopy clinic was AMAZING! She could tell I was worried so reassured me that HPV DID NOT mean cancer, and it also DID NOT mean that myself or my partner had been unfaithful. These were all the stupid thoughts going through my head!!

Anyway. The Colposcopy came and went, and they took a biopsy.


A couple of weeks later, I received a letter to say they had found CIN2 cells and I would have to come in for a LLETZ.

Now, don't get me wrong, the LLETZ wasn't the most painful thing in the world, but it certainly wasn't pleasant.....


My LLETZ was 2 weeks ago and, as expected, I am still bleeding. Only, the past couple of days I have been bleeding so heavy I'm having to change my pad every hour. I went to the doctor about this last night and she basically told me that it's my period and to go home. 

I personally don't agree, and panic every time I go to the bathroom as there is a new, very large, clot! I'm also starting to feel very down, weak and exhausted, which I've never felt before. Its probably just my paranoia! 

I haven't had any results back from my LLETZ and I don't expect to receive them for another week or so, but I'm really starting to panic now!


So my question to anyone who is still reading is, after your LLETZ, did anyone else start to feel really weak? And is it normal to feel as alone and depressed as I'm feeling at the moment?

I know my husband is there, and he will listen to me, but he just doesn't understand....


Thanks xxx


It is normal to feel low and it's difficult to talk about because it's so personal. The excessive bleeding and feeling weak does not sound quite right. Is it the right time for your period? My first one after LLETZ was very heavy and it was early but I knew it was my period because it was the right time and I had all the other symptoms. If you are concerned (and you know your body!) Call colposcopy as they are more qualified in this area. Good luck.

I agree with Kirstshan I would call the the department at the hospital as it could be due to an infection. Best of luck and I hope you feel a little better soon x

Thanks, ladies.

My period was due on the 12th, but the heavy bleed only started on the 16th. It probably is just my period, but it seems like A LOT more than I'm used to!!

As advised above, I'll probably call the Colposcopy clinic today and see what they say! 

Thanks again ladies. Its nice to be able to vent xxx

Best of luck!x 

Did you manage to get through to them? x

I didn't contact them as the bleeding slowed in the end.

Thanks everyone for your kind words and advice! I feel much better now. Still waiting on those pesky results though!! xx

Hi hun

im going through that exact same! My bleeding started off light and has got worse, and as for feeling alone I'm the same that's why I joined this group, like you I no my fiancé is there for me but I find everyone say oh don't worry but that doesn't help, this group has helped me, I'm currently waiting for my Lltez results it's only been a week but I'm dreading it, but if you ever need a vent we're all here.

hope everything goes well for you

amanda xx

Hey Amanda, I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner. My emails have not been coming through so didn't get a notification of your reply.

Likewise to you too, if you ever need to talk!

It has now been 4 weeks since my LLETZ and I still don't have any results. I called the Colposcopy Clinic to ask and left a message. Still waiting to hear back.

Its a never-ending cycle of feeling stressed, which I assume will not help me fight the HPV virus! Haha