Results after LLETZ confusing


So its been 4 weeks since my LLETZ and I hadn't heard anything so i decided to call up to get my results. The nurse said the reason I haven't heard is because the doctors are meeting to discuss a treatment plan for me on Thursday. Now she couldn's tell me that I didnt have cancer but she also told me it might not be cancer but either way the CIN 3 had developed (or there was too much of it to remove with LLETZ) and that i would require further treatment.

Obviously I am now very worried and confused as she couldn't confirm it wasn'd cancer which makes me think it is but maybe i have to hear it from a doctor?

Has anybody else been in this situation?

Thanks for your response in advance.

Becca x

Try to hang in there and not jump to any conclusions. Stay positive - if it was cancer they would most likely have let you know asap. Also I imagine you would have got the results sooner than 4 weeks. I expect they are deciding weather to do amother lletz or come biopsy. Hope they get in touch soon xx


Thank you for your response. It sounds like you are going through something very similar. Did you get a straight answer? I think because the lady who I spoke to couldn't tell me either way I'm just a bit nervous that it has to go to a board? But I agree, I'm sure if something was wrong I would have found out a lot earlier.


Becca x

Of course you are. See if you can be put through to a dr next time, I spoke to the secretary a couple of times at the clinic and she didn't have a clue as couldn't interprit the results but she said she'd get the consultant to call me back that day and she did X

OK I might do that tomorrow then to put my mind at rest and hopefully get a straight answer.

Thanks x