Called in for meeting....

Hi everyone 

So shortened version of story is - abnormal smear result for the first time (all smears up to date previously). HPV and CGIN. Went for Colposcopy, had Lletz done at the time as they saw changes. Got results back and wasn't clear margins so they said a second procedure would be needed either lletz or straight wire but they were waiting on lab results and would be in touch in a week. We're now 4 weeks later and they just called to say they wanted to see me Friday for a chat. I came off the phone, was physically sick and called back to see if I could get my nurse which I did.

So basically it's taken a while as they lab results same back and they put it to the MDT meeting again for discussion. I said to her my partner is next to me, I can't wait until Friday my anxiety is going through the roof. So she told me the following:

A small focus area has been found and they are unsure of what it is so they want me to see the consultant to discuss what treatment would be best for the next step. She said whatever it is is tiny and it's on the line so they don't know exactly what it is. As the consultant can discuss all treatments I am meeting with her. She said whatever the treatment it will be enough. 
So now I have to wait for Friday. I feel 100 times better after calling back and speaking to her again but still very nervous.

After the first call I thiught I was being brought in to be told I had cancer, my mind just flipped out a little. But now I am feeling reassured that there is something there, it's ab unknown but they want it removed. 
is that everyone else's opinion, has anyone had a story similar to this? Would be grateful to hear anyone's views xxx

Hi Kimmy 

that sounds so worrying for you. I have no experience with CGIN, as have CIN ( being treated Monday). 
I'm hoping someone else will post but I just want to say that it is positive they have discovered whatever it is and that they are trying to work out what is the best way forward. 

please get all the support you can including from here if you'd like to 



Hi Kimmy. Back in 2015 I had lletz treatment for cin3. After 8 weeks I was called to come in to discuss results. I was told they found a tiny focus of cancer cells (1a1) but it was fully removed. I nearly had a heart attack and the anxiety was horrific. Im not sure if this is what you have but just wanted to say if it is, and its tiny, then its very easily treated. That c word is terrifying but like they kept saying to me, its why we have smears so they can catch anything early and remove it before it has a chance to develop. My smears are now clear and hpv negative. Good luck for Friday and I hope they can sort it quickly for you x

Hi Kimmy,

Just wanted to send you love. The not knowing is so scary but I'm so pleased she explained it to you and now you have a few days to write down any questions that pop up so that you can get answers at your consultant appointment.   Xx

Good luck Kimmy,

I understand how worrying it can be but I'm sure you will be reassured tomorrow when you meet the consultant. It's great they have found whatever it is, and it will be removed.

Lots of love,