Waiting for LLETZ results

Hi ladies,

I have been lingering around here since January and thought it was about time I posted. This forum has been incredibly helpful and informative so thanks to everyone for posting their stories. I am 29, I had my second routine smear in January and was referred to colposcopy by my GP because she didn't like what she saw. My previous smear was normal. Results came back as abnormal cell and HPV positive.

I went for my colposcopy in March; the nurse I had was amazing and explained everything in detail. She said everything looked normal and took several biopsies just incase, but expected CIN1 as worst case scenario. She told me not to worry and I left feeling completely at ease. The colposcopy was fine as well, a little uncomfortable but no pain - incase anyone is worried about theirs.

Then my results came back as CIN3 and that I was scheduled for a LLETZ in May.  I was completely shocked and remember feeling really upset and immediately thinking the worst. 

I had my LLETZ yesterday. It was over in 20 mins and the nurse said to expect results in 4 weeks and we will discuss treatment options then. That really worried me cause it's like she saw something bad and wouldn't say. 

I'm feeling a little down today. I suppose I'm just worried about what the results will be. Has anyone else had a similar experience and been diagnosed with CC? 

Thanks for reading and any advice is really appreciated.

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Hi Bonnie, 

im going for my first LLETZ treatment Monday, and had no idea until I found this page last night that they then take a look at what they have removed for you then to find out if it's cancer or not? Is that correct. My GP and nurses have not explained this to me. 
In fact, they have been pretty crappy when it come to giving me information. I've been battling HPV and abnormal cells for 3 years and finally this year I'm having treatment. I'm so scared. I too am 29, 30 later this year and have not had any children yet. There's so many things rushing through my head. 
thanks, Chloe x

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Hey Chloe! 

I'm in the exact same boat, I am 30 later this year and have no kids yet. I think that's the most worrying thing cause I really want children. 

LLETZ is the treatment for abnormal cells, but they will send away the section of cervix that they remove and examine it, similar to a biopsy. It's a larger area than the biopsy samples, so can give a clearer results.

When people talk about 'clear margins' that means there are healthy cells around the edges of the tissue that was removed. So all the abormals cells were removed with the LLETZ treatment.

My nurse said that I would get the results in the post in 4 weeks and it would contain the grade of abnormality and next treatment steps. Mostly it's just a check up in 6 months.

I hope your LLETZ goes well Chloe. There is nothing to worry about. It's over really fast and you'll get anaesthetic so won't feel a thing. 

Bonny x

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Hi ladies

I'm in exactly the same situation. HPV positive for high risk strain and cin3. I had my lletz on May 14th. 


Eagerly awaiting a good result of clear margins and cin3 cells (or maybe less like cin2) but hoping for nothing worse. 

Hope everyone gets ok results xxx

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Hi Dawn,

Thanks for sharing. Awh I hope you're results come soon and that they are good. The waiting is awful.

I keep thinking anyone that passes the door is the postman, eagerly awaiting. 





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