Lletz results - second procedure required

Hi there

Quick recap - I had my smear results back in January with cell changes and HPV. Turned out was glandular changes and when I went for colposcopy they did a lletz there and then. I got a call today from the hospital and the nurse said that they had removed low grade cells but the glandular ones were high grade and they only got "at the margin" for the cells so they will need to repeat the procedure. 

It's been to MDT meeting and they have said a second procedure is needed and the lab are now looking more closely at the results and then will decide whether it be a second lletz or a straight wire procedure. 

Does anyone have any experience similar to this? I think I half expected that it wouldn't solve itself after the one procedure but was still a shock and upsetting to get the call and then there is more waiting from now. Everything will be worth it but just feeling a bit down about it all xx

I'm not surprised you are worried. I haven't had this experience and hope someone has who will reply. I suppose in the end you have to trust the medics and that they will always try to keep you safe.

please keep posting. The helpline and ask the experts might be helpful for you too 

Hi Kimmy,

I am going through a similar situation.

I had an abnormal pap smear back in Oct 20 and Lletz to remove Cin 3 in January. These results came back with Cin 3 and Cgin or high grade glandular changes. I have recently had to have a second procedure to try and achieve clear margins and am still waiting on these results. 

It seems like a few people on here recently are in a similar situation with glandular changes and needing a second procedure. The waiting and not knowing is hard.

I hope you get a date for your surgery and know more soon.

I've found that keeping busy helps pass the time but it is always in the back of my mind. Xx


Thanks to you both. It's nice to know we're all in this together xx


Hi lovely,


I haven't heard of the straight wire procedure so I'm unable to comment on that.


I am in the same boat with regards to a second LLETZ happening next week after my LLETZ in January containing a small amount of cancer and not having any clear margins of CIN III.


My LLETZ is booked in for this Monday the 26th April. Do you have a date for yours yet?


I'm really not fussed with the actual procedure as the last one wasn't bad, but I'm not looking forward to recovery as last time it took me a few days to stop experiencing pain and I really miss baths! X

Hi Kimmy,

I'm currently going through something similar - just had my second LLETZ under local anesthetic last week to remove CGIN (10 weeks ish between the two). It was much more invasive than the first time around and I ended up hemorrhaging and admitted into hospital on day 5 post-op, pretty much the worst possible outcome you'd think!

Currently waiting for the results, hoping they'd removed it this time with clear margins and I can have a follow up in 6 months... Waiting is in my opinion the worst part!

If you are anxious about the second procedure, contact your colposcopy nurse that you want to have a chat with a consultant before the second treatment. I did this and it really helped to answer my questions. I hope it goes well for you! Xx

Hi Kimmy,

Wanted to let you know that I got my results back of my cone biopsy. The specimen came back as no abnormal cells and no hpv detected. Even though I had positive margins for CIN 3 and glandular cells from my first Lletz.

I will have to be closely monitored in the coming years to make sure the glandular abnormalities do not come back.

I hope your next procedure goes well! 

Keep us updated. Will be thinking of you xx



Hi there 

Thanks for messaging. 
I think the straight wire is sometimes used as an alternative for the CGIN so guess it depends where they decide it is and what would be best chance of removing it.

I don't have a date for mine yet but she said she hoped she would call me next week and I'll go in as soon as they've got a space. Very efficient if nothing else. 

the procedure wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and I was lucky with my after effects also, I think the one thing I'm most worried about is the after effects the second time round in case it's more invasive and it's worse. That worries me more than anything when you read all the horror stories of what happens to women after.

Good luck on Monday if we don't speak before then. 


Hi there thanks for messaging. I might do just that and have a chat with them. You're right waiting is by far the worst bit! 
The one thing that scares me the most is the aftermath with the risk of bleeding etc and I think it's more common the second time around which sounds like exactly what you experienced - that scares me so much! 
Hopefully won't be long until you get your results! Were they quite confident they had it all? Xx

This is brilliant news so pleased for you! What a relief for you just brilliant. What kind of glandular cells did you have?

and how come you got the cone bioposy rather than the second lletz? Being watched carefully isn't a bad thing considering we don't get checked enough as it is! 

Thank you so much xx

Hi Kimmy,

I had high grade abnormal glandular cells (adenocarcinoma in situ) and also CIN 3.

Sorry, I am not sure why my second procedure was a cone biopsy. I am living in Canada maybe it might be different here. I think the Lletz and cone biopsy are both treatments to remove abnormal glandular cells with similar outcomes.

Thanks so much for your well wishes. 

Hoping all goes well for you and everyone else going through a similar situation x

Hi Kimmy,

Definitely, I'd give a go for chatting the consultant beforehand. I had a lot of questions regarding fertility which they were able to answer. ☺️

The same consultant also performed the LLETZ. He was indeed quite confident that they managed to get it out, but I only believe it once I see the results... I really hope it works out for you Xx

Hi lovely,

I hope you're doing okay? 

Just to let you know I had my second LLETZ and although there was more bleeding during the procedure, recovery has been far better than my first.  X