Multi disciplinary meeting after lletz?

Hi ladies,

I had my first ever smear test in January and after my colposcopy the results showed I had cin2 cell changes and HPV. I had lletz treatment on 1st April and have recently received a letter that says my sample needs to be discussed at the next multi disciplinary meeting to discuss the right individual care plan and they will be in touch again within a few weeks.

I am really really panicking because I don't understand what this means? Browsing on here I see that a lot of women who have been told this then get told they have either cgin or early cervical cancer. I got told when I left that I would just have to come back probably in 6 months so I really don't understand why this letter would even be sent if it didn't mean anything.

please share any stories you have if you had this letter because my anxiety is through the roof :(

hope you are all well.

daisy x

It might be that it didn't have clear margins and they are trying to discuss whether it is wait and see or another procedure?

I think if it was cancer they would tell you immediately and get you in. Or could be cin 1 left and they are considering just leaving it to see if it goes away ? 

anyone else had this experience? Cancer is always seen within 2 weeks 

  1. Hi had same in December it's possibly the same as me where the smear results show different from your lletz sample results meaning possibly that there may not of been any cell changes or possibly a higher grade cin. So they send samples to be checked by another lab to see who was correct. I expect they will just do another check up on 6 months to keep an eye on it and check again which is what they did with me and had another lot of samples taken on Monday so awaiting my results hopefully all clear now I had cin3 hpv. So I would say its nothing to worry about 

Just to note that there are only 3 levels of CIN:1,2 and 3. There is no level called CIN 4 or 5. 

No, that wouldn't be good :( 

Hi Daisy,


Did your smear come up with the same or different results to your colposcopy biopsy? As that can be another, reason for discussion at MDT along with the others mentioned above.


You can also give the helpline at Jo's a call and they will be wonderfully supportive xx