Mdt meeting before they will give results?

hey, so I went for a colcoscopy back in August where I was told it looked as though I had grade 3 changes to my cervix after initially being told it was only low grade at my smear back in March. I have been waiting 7 weeks for my results of the biopsy and finally got through to someone at the hospital today.  She said that they have received my results but have to wait until after the mdt meeting before she can give the results to me. When I googled mdt meeting,  I know i shouldn't,  all it refers to is cancer and so i am convinced that is what they are going to tell me. I am out of my mind with worry after already waiting 7 weeks and now to know they have my results but won't give them me over the phone is only making it worse. Has anyone been told about this kind of meeting before and it not be cancer?

Thanks x

Hey lovely.

I had my lletz 25th August and I was told my results etc.. would be discussed at MDT meeting too. MDT meeting is just a meeting with other professions to discuss patients cases and to discuss if further treatment is needed or what next steps are. My results ended up being absolutely fine so please don't threat as you could be absolutely fine.



Thank you! I just want to know one way or another now its going on 8 weeks now and I'm going out of my mind with worry. Would rather be told one way or another.  Glad your results were okay ? x

I can totally understand how you are feeling as my anxiety was through the roof from smear results all the way up until my op! I would keep ringing them tell them your really anxious and isn't fair that your sitting at home with constant worries and need answers now! 8 weeks is too long to wait!


If my letter hasn't arrived by Monday I'm going to ring them everyday as the worst part now is knowing they have my results but yet I still don't know them! People keep saying no news is good news but a friend of mine waited 6 weeks for her results and was hit with 2 different forms of cancer when she did receive them so I cant even follow that mantra at the moment. Im sure they understand the worry ppl feel waiting for these results,  even a follow up call to apologise for the wait would have been appreciated x