Very painful smear etc

I used to have fairly regular smear tests. I bit of discomfort but never more than 2 or 3 out of ten. Then because of endometriosis I had the Mirena coil fitted. Now that was a medical miracle in itself all my periods and associated problems stopped with two months. I had it changed a few times and this was when problems, started. I even had to go to outpatients to have it changed once. I went through menpause with no problems at all didn’t even know until a blood test after the last coil was removed. But that was very traumatic and I nearly fainted from the pain.
My last smear tests have been horrendous with the nurses offering to stop and ask someone else to try. But I have pushed through in tears because it doesn’t make much difference if someone else tries. I do have a tilted pelvis and know I always need the longer speculum. Anyway on my last but one smear I had abnormal cells and they did a colposcopy and took punch biopsies. It was dreadful and again they kept checking in with me an asking if I wanted to stop but I just never want to have to go through it again with more pain so even though I feel faint/sick and in tears I try to endure it. So last Monday and a Lletz procedure. They gave me local anaethestic. But even that was bad, then they gave me more. They kept saying they could stop and let me see a consultant instead. But they would still have to do it wouldn’t they?
In the end they managed to finish but by then I collapsed in tears and I have been feeling very low since. I know there will be a follow up smear test and I’m petrified! They have put on my record that if I need another Lletz or anything it should be done under GA. But how can I prepare for my next smear? I have read theycanbe even worse after Lletz.
I’m sorry to burden you and I am genuinely grateful for the services we receive.

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Please don’t be sorry and just to let you know I’ve had more than one Lletz procedure and it’s made no difference to my smears, they’re no more or less painful than they ever were :hugs:

Thank you for thatcl reassurrance.

I have tilted womb, ive had smears done at colposcopy not Drs since ive had my lletz treatment and chasing hpv/abormal cells - my Drs didnt have a gynae bed that tilts and rises gets you in best position. Also a course of vaginal hrt can help post menopause ladies before having their smears done. I’ve found it also depends on who does the smear- some staff are more capable, and a small speculum, and long length handled implement! Having 3 lletz treatments hasnt effected my smears afterwards- infact i seem so used to it now I relax more. My lletz procedures- have also been done under general anaesthetic. It will be better for you. Good Luck.

Thank you this is very helpful. I might ask if I can have future smears at outpatients.