LLETZ - 24 years old


I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice ? First smear test came back with abnormal cells, biopsy taken showed CIN 2. It was a surprise as the smear showed low changes, but when the nurse had a look, a lot of cervix turned white with the solution. Had an appointment for the 17th of this month but it has been changed as the doctor/consultant I am seeing is off sick, so I have to wait until the third. The hospital has said to me that the nurse has said she cannot perform the procedure as it is out of her capabilities, my particular case. How concerned should I be about this ? Of course, more expertise is always good, but why is that needed if it’s a routine procedure ? Has any one experienced this ?

In regards to the treatment, how much does the needle hurt ? I have no pain tolerance and I am so scared, I didn’t do well with the biopsy and broke down halfway through. What should I expect ? I geared myself up for it being next week and the extra wait is causing me so much anxiety. I’m worried I’ll talk myself out of it.

Thank you

Just not to worry Hun, it's not plesent, but the needles didnt really hurt, some hospitals have different nurses don't worry :) x

Hi lovely! Not sure if you've already had your treatment, hope it went well if you did!

Please dont worry! I was in agony every single smear and colposcopy appointment and swore my head off during them! The colposcopist even suggested I have my LLETZ under general anesthetic as I found it truly agonising!

However, I had my LLETZ weds and it was great. I found it so much less painful than anything else! The needle isnt nice but I personally found it to be ok and a lot better than I was expecting. They also use a metal speculum for the LLETZ which I expected to be worse, but it was so much better and less painful than those awful plastic things.

Please dont let horrible colps put you off treatment, I nearly did and I can honestly say I'd much rather have another LLETZ than a colposcopy!