First smear after lletz - freaking out


afraid I am going to post a little rant but any supportive words or words of reassurance would be really welcome...

i am 29, had my second smear earlier this year which came back high grade changes. I had the lletz done which was horrid in itself but was followed by gushing blood everywhere at work two weeks afterwards. So a pretty horrendous experience for me all round....

i have to go for my follow up smear now and I am absolutely freaking out. first  the thought of letting any medical staff go anywhere near my lady parts makes me want to cry. Second, the thought of what if they find something? I cannot go through the lletz or anything else like that ever again. I've been having a bit of pain during sex, which I dont know if is down to a bit of a dry spell or if it's something more. But yes, I am freaking out a lot. Just spent 30 minutes crying and googling cervical cancer things :(

can anyone reassure me? It's so scary :(

Hi Danielle, sorry to hear about your bad experience. I also haemorrhaged after LLETZ the first time and had to rush to the hospital. My smear 6 months later showed high grade dyskaryosis again so had another colposcopy and LLETZ 4 weeks ago. Heavy bleeding for several weeks again but no haemorrhage and no infection this time. I think you just need to try and be positive and really we are the lucky ones being kept a close eye on so treatment can be given when needed. Try and stay calm. You may well not even need to return to the colposcopy clinic - around 90% are clear, I believe, 6 months after LLETZ. Take care and be kind to yourself x

I am like Danielle in that I have had one lletz which I found really painful, the local anaesthetic. I now have had my 6 month smear result which is abnormal and have to return to colposcopy clinic. I am dreading anyone examining me again let alone more lletz. I am going to ask my GP to prescribe a Valium before I go. Some people have said they can offer this at the clinic for people who are anxious. I just don't know what to expect!!

Hi Ladies,

i am in the same boat as you Daniellebear. I didn't have the best experience after my LLETZ. Found it all a bit traumatic to be honest. Not something I want to experience again in a hurry!

i have my follow up smear on Friday and haven't a clue what to expect. I am so scared that they will find something and I will need more treatment. I am trying not to think the worst but can't help but worry!! 

Hope you all get on ok with yours.