Awaiting LLETZ treatment



I had my first smear when I was 18 (after splitting with a partner who cheated), result came back fine...I then got with my current boyfriend (at 18, I am now 22) and thats when my problems all started...i have a pre-exisiting blood condition and so was on the pill for 3 months at a time, i then started to get breakthrough bleeding and was bleeding during intercourse, tried changing my pill twice which did nothing. Haemotologist reffered me to the gynae and they thought i might have had a polyp, this was negative. They then decided to give me the coil which was fine and I also had another smear test (just to be on the safe side) which came back with mild changes. 6 months later I went for another which came back with severe changes. Was booked in for a colposcopy and had another smear test (along with swabs to check for infections), smear test showed abnormalities, biopsy came back fine, went for another smear test 6 months later, which came back abnormal, had another biopsy taken in February and this came back with CIN3, I have been booked in for my LLETZ treatment which is on the 30th April.


I am quite nervous about this procedure as my coil has to come out and I am hoping they will give me another form of contraception during my healing time as i cannot bear to go back to a 35 day period with severe anaemia....if anyboyd has any advice or tips I would be greatful.




I requested mine done under GA and they changed my coil at the same time

regards x

Hi lovinglaura,

Did they just give you a new coil? I might do that because the pain I had the first time with the coil was unbearable.


Thanks for taking the time to reply x

Hi Vicki

Sounds like youve had quite a roller coaster ride getting to your Lletz procedure. I cant offer any information about having another coil fitted but I can reassure you about the colpocopy itself and about having a coil removed as Ive had both!

The coil coming out is painless (or was for me) it just feels odd! You know sometng is going on 'down there' but that was it. The colposcopy lasted about 20mins for me including Lletz. I took my best friend to hold my hand and talk rubbish at me to take my mind off everything. I also took 2 paracetamol and 2 ibuprofen half hour prior my appointment. 

Once in the room the nurses and consultant introduced themselves, and the consultant then explained what they'd found on my smear results, what she expected to see, and what the plan would be if she was right. 

So i got undressed from the waist down and wrapped in a beautiful nhs towel to walk to the chair, where I was put with my legs in stirrups! Its not the most dignified position but I was actually pretty comfortable lol! The speculum then goes in, just like during a smear test and they aim the colposcope at your cervix so they can see it on the screen. 

Medical grade dilute vinegar is then wiped on your cervix followed by iodine (again I found this painless just odd) to highlight any abnormal cells which stain white. You can watch as they do this or look away. They then inject local anaesthetic and this is the first time i didnt watch, and the only pain I experienced. It lasted a few seconds and then was numb from the anaesthetic. 

Then I watched as they use the loop to burn and remove part of my cervix. Its important to remember on the screen everything looks HUGE! They showed me the bit of my cervix that they had removed (i wasnt so keen on seeing it in the flesh lol) and it was all over. I got dressed and they gave me a huge sanitary towel. 

The consultant then talked me through the dos and donts, such as no sex for 4 weeks, no swimming or baths, no tampons etc. I got a leaflet with a number to call if I had any problems and told my results would take 6 weeks, but I know that differs all over the country. I was then on my way and I shopped and then ate chocolate and had a glass of wine with friends to relax.

Expect period type pains for a few day- get a hot water bottle and some paracetamol and ibuprofen on standby and you should be fine.

I hope I havent gone on too much, and I hope it all goes well for you. Will be thinking of you x

Hi Lulu,

Thanks so much for replying!

I've had 2 colposcopies now and my smears have all been done at the hospital so I'm used to the stirrups and the lack of dignity! I think I may take your advice and take some paracetamol before going (as I can't take anything stronger due to my blood)...I've also been informed today that I have to go in for an infusion of DDAVP before having the LLETZ to make sure my blood clots....

I was told the reason they left it so long was my age, as I am only 22, and any cervical cells they remove can lead to having premature children...I thought all my abnormal bleeding was to do with my condition but obviously not.


So the aftercare is pretty much the same as a colposcopy but it just lasts longer as they have taken more cells away? Thank you for forewarning me of cramps as I never really suffered with these when I was having periods (since being on the coil they've stopped). My mum is coming with me for support and my dad is waiting outside (just in case i feel a bit woozy, as my mum is on crutches following surgery).


I love the fact that everyone on here is so supportive, like I am worried what my results will show and being the first woman in my family to go throught this is quite scary!


Thanks again x


Hi Vicki, 

I can't comment on the coil bit, but I had my LLETZ done 2 weeks ago and honestly it was fine. I'm a wimp so I always tell people that if I can handle it then anyone can! It was embarassing and slightly uncomfortable, but it was all over so quickly and afterwards I felt a nice bit of relief when the nurse said "Just remember - whatever was there is now sitting in this little pot ready to be sent away forever" 

It's good that someone is going with you as the local anaesthetic injection they give you can give you the shakes - I know it doesn't for everyone but it did for me! My legs wouldn't stop wobbling! So luckily I had my mum to drive me home. But once you've had that injection you really don't feel a thing. The worst part about the ordeal for me was having to wear sanitary towels as I don't normally wear them and really don't like them. But the bleeding stopped after about 10 days and I just got a bit of discharge then (which I'm still having as it's only been 2 weeks) I had cramps for about 2 days afterwards, I went in to work the next day and ended up being sent home because I was feeling really uncomfortable and weepy, so if you can then I'd try to do as little as possible the day after it too xx

Hi Suzie,


Thank you! I'm a wimp to when it comes to things like this! I don't like sanitary towels either but if needs must then i'll make do, do you know how long it is after LLETZ before I can have a bath? Because with a colpsocopy it was a week and the leaflet they sent me it didn't mention anything about that.


Yeah my dad is also going to be at the hospital with me, I've already told work that there is a possibility i may not be in the next day as i don't know how i'm going to be afterwards...I just need to think of questions to ask between now & then instead of turning up, not asking anything, leaving and then thinking of loads of questions xx