Lletz today

Hi all,

I'm new here, I’ve been on the roundabout of smears and colposcopies for what feels like forever but today I had Lletz, I had cancelled one appt due to period and fear but the secretary was so snotty on the phone I didn’t dare cancel this one. 

It was vile, painful and invasive - I wanted to run away and actually did leave straight afterwards (I drove myself and was told to wait an hour before going) I felt violated and cried all the way home and am still tearful now. The consultant was factual but lacked warmth I had no warning of when she injected the anaesthetic and nearly hit the ceiling, she just frowned at me. During the procedure once again I hit the ceiling due to pain and she just said that bit didn’t take the anaesthetic and she will be done soon, the assistant suddenly hurried to the cupboard and came back with more swabs so I can only assume that there was some unexpected bleeding, when I went to get up there was a fair amount of blood on the chair and the gown and no attempt to keep it from my sight. 

When I was dressed I was told results take 6 weeks and that the next course of action will be decided then, she also said they had taken more than had been initially anticipated but no further discussion as she went back to writing her notes. 

I suffer terribly with horrendous period pain and very heavy too, smears are painful and colposcopy biopsies are agonising- I am curled up in bed as the pains have started since I got home this afternoon - there is no discharge or blood but I am cramping and have shooting pains through what I assume is my cervix and feel rubbish.

I used to work in minor op theatres and would be mortified if any of my patients had been made to feel this way. 

I hadn’t even thought of them sending this off and not getting off the roundabout I think I thought Lletz was the final chapter and now I’m worried about that as well.

sorry to hear you had such a crap experience with your LLETZ. I hope that is rare, as my nurse and doctor were lovely. I also had issues with bleeding and was in much longer. Sorry you had to drive yourself also. I was told to bring someone with me.

As far as taking more than planned, they take a larger sample than the actual part with abnormal cells - this is normal as they want to test the margins - ie if it comes back clear, it means no abnormal cells were found on the edge of the part they took, and it is all gone. If results show abnormal cells still, it means they didn't manage to remove them all, and more treatment may be required (this is what happened with me)

Some people seem to be ok after it, and they say it is minor, but others have a different experience. They certainly don't prepare you for how emotional you feel after it. I was very sore and am still bleeding 4 weeks later. Results took 4 weeks, so hope yours don't take longer (prob different waiting times across the country). As long as you don't get infection, you will feel much better after a few days, so just rest up and take it easy x