Very heavy bleeding 17 days after LLETZ

I had my LLETZ treatment on the 1st of July and all went well, a few days later had a tiny bit of discharge, a week later discharge got a bit worse.

2 weeks later started bleeding a bit, like an average/light period.

And as of today heavy heavy bleeding and I cant seem to get it to stop. A huge amount and its coming out in chunks, it scared the hell out of me, cant walk very far or it'll happen. Only for the fact that I had a pregnancy test before LLETZ I would nearly think I was miscarrying Frown

The doc on the phone said I was ok that even large amount of blood is ok if its clotting but prescribed me some antibiotics.

But how am I supposed to go to work tomorrow? I have the largest pads imaginable and still dont trust that they'll hold up its that bad Frown

Im not due thanks to the pill but what am I supposed to do? Does anyone have advice? I keep almost having panic attacks everytime it happens Cry

So my update is I spent 7 hours bleeding profusely and then when I started passing out my room mates called an ambulance. The ambulance took so long I ended up feeling a bit better as I was lying down for hours and they said I could wait longer, make my own way to A&E or go to my GP in the morning, so I opted for the latter. Havent gotten a wink of sleep as Im so nauseous and uncomfortable. I cant stand up for more than 3 mins without passing out, I just lost that much blood!! Gonna go out on a limb here and say the doc was wrong, I'm not ok, I got the impression he thought it was a very heavy period? It wasnt, I full on haemorrhage for 7 hours, if anyone else experiences this the second u feel weak go to the doc! Lying down appears to have stopped the bleeding but Im minus pints of blood!

Sounds awful, you poor thing! What did your doctor say when you saw him? Hope you are taking it easy xxx

I got such a fright! My doc was a woman so a little more sympathetic! She didnt really say anything to be honest, no light was shed on why I bled? But she was horrified it happened and put me on high doses of iron for the blood loss and Im due into the hospital today for blood tests. But yeh as far as the source is the bleeding is concerned? I still dont know? And no one seems that bothered by finding out?Surprised


I've read a few comments and thought it was about time I sgared my story. I had lletz 3 weeks ago. I was told no sex, tampons, bathe or swimming for 4 weeks and I've done none of those things. At first I had a tiny amount of discharge, then it was a bit smelly (but i thought that was normal). By the second week I started bleeding (I'd been taking the pill back to back so wasnt due a period), but still, I wasn't too worried. Then, a few days ago, I strated bleeding uncontrollably, with big clots coming out, filling approx 4 pads an hour. We called the clinic who advised go to a&e. They treated with silver nitrate (although it took a lot), and I've been given antibiotics for a week. I was told 1 in 100 have this reaction. my advice would be to call the doc as soon as you get any funky discharge or bleeding as if untreated it will get a lot worse. 

Hi guys!

I've had the exact same as Nicki.

very strong gushing (cringe) of discharge with an unpleasant smell the week after the LLETZ treatment for CIN 3.

3 weeks later and I'm uncontrolably bleeding and passing enormous (cringe again) clots. Just rang NHS helpline. Not very helpful as she didn't even know what the lletz proceedure was! I'm now waiting for her to call back and feeling very anxious (And a bit faint!)

Hoping this all stops soon! Why does no one tell you how horrible the aftermath this procedure will be!? I've felt so unprepared and scared! 

Thank god for this forum!



I have just searched for some support online and  I'm glad I found this forum. I had this treatment on Monday 22nd May so am now going into day 17 post treatment. About 3 hours ago I started bleeding heavily  (bright red) with very large clots. I am completely freaked out. I was due on a week ago and came on as expected. I should be at the end of my cycle today but instead the opposite appears to be happening. Can anyone tell me the outcome of how long it lasted? I'm going to call the hospital in the morning as they told me to call if I had any concerns at all but I was not warned that this would happen.

I am on day 7 after my LLETZ, all was well the first five days just slight spotting then I finally pooped and the flooding began. I was scared, no one told me this could happen. I was rushed to ed where I was treated with sodium nitrate in three fleshy areas on my cervix.  The bleeding slowed right down and they sent me home, I’m still bleeding a little but now I’m afraid to go to the toilet or sneeze. Thankyou all for sharing your stories, your the only place I have found where ladies have had the same experience. 

Hello girls!

I have had the same issue. I was on day 18 when I started bleeding very heavily, with blood clots. My heavy bleeding lasted 2-3 days. I was scared too. I wasn't sure if it was a period but as the bleeding got stronger I realised it wasn't. I am due on my actual period on the 28th. My bleeding suddenly stopped on its own on day 4, I was feelng really faint so still made a doctors appointment for today. Similar response, no explaination for the severity of the bleeding. I'm still feeling a bit eery now. The doctor did an examination and said the cervix looks ok - slightly red and is treating for infection for the time being :(. 


21st of May – first smear test
24th of May – results to say CIN3, high grade dyskaryosis with severely abnormal cells with HPV.
4th June – first colposcopy appointment, biopsies taken, results confirmed CIN2!
2nd July – LLETZ treatment conducted
26th July – doctor’s appointment possible infection from treatment and blood tests taken


Similar experience here. Lletz 10 days ago for CIN3.

some light bleeding but nothing dramatic until yesterday. Soaking through pads and large lumpy clots (sorry for the over sharing). On mini pill so no monthly cycle. Followed all the guidelines but starting to feel alarmed. Thanks ladies for sharing your experiences.

I am having a similar experience LLETZ 7 days ago for CIN 2

I bled a little afterwards, but have only had a constant watery discharge since until last night when I started lightly bleeding,  I am shocked today as its got heavier soaking through a pad before i had noticed.  I am hoping it calms down by the morning and its nothing to worry about.

I am having a similar experience LLETZ 7 days ago for CIN 2

I bled a little afterwards, but have only had a constant watery discharge since until last night when I started lightly bleeding,  I am shocked today as its got heavier soaking through a pad before i had noticed.  I am hoping it calms down by the morning and its nothing to worry about.

So glad I found this post!

I had an operation on 30th January for LLETZ CIN 1-2 and they removed a carcinoma in situ of exocervix found during op. they didn’t even mention the carcinoma in hospital! I found out by reading the discharge summary. All the gyno did state was it was successful and I shouldn’t have any more problems.

I had the red/watery discharge for a few days and then last Monday the bleeding started. As I was due in my period I wasn’t concerned until the last few days when I started bleeding heavily. I’ve had clots since last night and bleeding way more than I ever would on my regular period. Every time I go to the toilet it’s flooding out and have slight crampy pain. I’m also very fatigued and a little light headed.

Thing is I also have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so not sure if it’s that or to do with the op. 



Hi ladies

ive also had the same thing. I had lletz 13 days ago. Woke up this morning with very light bleeding, and an hour later I needed a pad and in the middle of a work meeting I stood up and gushed blood. Through and all over my jeans and horrifying my poor coworker which luckily was a woman! 


I went straight to hospital and bleed non stop for over 4 hours with massive clots every half hour and soaking the biggest pads man has ever made! 

they believe it to be symptoms from the surgery’s and given me some tablets to stop the excessive bleeding. I’ve  been admitted overnight to monitor and fluids.


only advise is if you have any excessive bleeding or clots, see your hospital straight away. That amount of blood loss isn’t good at all 



I had lletz on the 8th December which makes it just over 4 weeks. All has been find no discharge no bleed saturday I started bleed heavy heavy heavy should I be worried?? Any advice would be welcome thankyou stay safe x

So glad people had shared these experiences. I experienced very heavy bleeding 15 days after lletz (going through pads every hour) and was starting to panic. Phoned hospital and they said just to monitor and thankfully it had eased up by the following morning. Been told to come off work and rest for a few days. Thinking I overdone it at work carrying stuff that was too heavy. 

I’ve had similar but mine has happened twice in the last week. 3 weeks post lletz I had gushing blood with gold ball sized clots, went to a&e and they said it could be a very heavy period?! I’ve never seen a period like that. They gave me antibiotics and Tranexamic acid to stop bleeding. This sorted me out for a week but then it happened again even worse, every time I stood up blood gushed out and huge clots fell into the toilet each time. Hospital didn’t seem too fussed and told me to keep taking the Tranexamic acid which helps. I’m just so worried something else is wrong because it’s happened twice!

Another one it’s happened to here! Pretty text book for first three weeks … day 20 and very alarming clots and lots of blood, mainly when I went for a wee but occasionally when I was stood up, I had taken back to back pill packs but prehaps they didn’t stop my period as it was exactly when I would of expected one, also I horseride as a career so could I have over done it ( I had permission to ride after two weeks waited 17 days and had ridden for couple of days with no issue) here’s a glimmer of hope for you, after three days it now seems to have slowed right down by itself, no more clots bit of light bleeding,looks like a good few of us have experienced this , I had no temperature or significant pain or smell to the blood so avoided doctor as examination again is not something I’m ready for just yet! I’m going to try and ride again tomorrow ( work not pleasure) see if I’m ok. Prehaps the three week timescale for clots is the scab coming away? Good luck to us all x