bleeding after lletz

hi i had the lletz treatment 8 days ago ive had black discharge ever since, ive had light bleeding this morn. My concern is heavey bleeding ive looked around and lots off people say the had really heavey bleeding or haemorrige! im terrified of blood i struggle on my period and now getting myself so worked up over bleeding :(

I had my lletz 5 days ago and like you am awaiting the ultimate gush to appear from nowhere!  I haven't had anything except a very mild discharge, no blood,  no water, nadda.  I'm had cramps and a couple of sharp twinges but nothing along the lines of what some poor ladies have had to endure.  It's awful isn't it!  I'm supposed to be on jury service for the next 2 weeks and I'm worried I'll end up flooding the court room- especially as you can't just 'pop' to the loo! Hope you are bearing up ok lou xxx

Hi yes it really is and my friend thinks im being silly so cant really talk to them. ive had it pretty easy ive got really small period pains but am due on. google is not my friend lol im sure im over reacting but its the unknown xxx Oh no can you explain the situation to them and get out of it? hope your doing well xxx

Hi, just some more words of reassurance! I had my lletz done just over 4 weeks ago. I had occasional spotting, discharge with black bits in and then lots of watery yellow discharge which stopped shortly into week 3. I didn't have any heavy bleeding but did have lots of cramps and shooting pains. Everybody is different but I don't think large amounts of blood are the norm. My friend had heavy bleeding but she had a nasty infection after working with poorly people that afternoon of having lletz which really wasn't advisable! i hope you feel better soon and try not to worry x

thanks Louise, i am bleeding now but was due on so its probably that,i just wished the drs would provide more info so ppl dont have to google xx

Google is a nightmare!  Thank you for providing a positive story hun.  Everyone is different I know :) It's probably the fear of the unknown.  A cut on your skin you can see,  see how it's healing and if it starts bleeding use the old elevation and pressure .. After lletz, I can't see it,  I can't compare it and if it really starts on the bleeding front I can't put pressure on it. . Although maybe a hand stand would elevate it?  :p.. do you think they would exempt me from jury service if I do a headstand in court?  Lol. 

Oh well,  let's wait and see :) xx

you're so right Nia its because we cant see it so we dont know wht is going on, im a bit of a control freak so this is a knight mare lol and i may come to court just to see your headstand lol xx

I think what is important is to deal with issues if and when they arise rather than trying to cope with things in ancticipation because everything just becomes overwhelming. And also stay AWAY from google, it is dangerous and got me in such a mess initially but I suppose I wouldn't have found this site otherwise which has been invaluable ! I think the body is good at showing you that it is healing if you look at each change in bodily fluid (sounds lovely) as a positive step towards healing it may be easier to get through this nastiness xx

I had my second llets procedure almost 2 weeks ago, it didn't bleed at all at first, just had a bit of discharge.  The last maybe 5 days I feel like I have lost litres of blood! im not sure if this is normal, been reading everyone's comments, does seem like everyone heals differently.  How long am I supposed to heavily bleed for? periods aren't due, I'm wondering if I should call the doctor?

See this is my concern. .. at work I was next to the loo, but with jury service I feel like I should wear pampers just in case half way through a trial whoooops! My cervix is lulling me into a false sense of security atm,  little bit of spotting and no more 7 days after treatment. 

Judging from what other ladies have said  hun,  if you are going through a pad every 1-2 hours then you may need medical attention.  I think it's mad how come two weeks after the op that's when you usually start bleeding.  I mean I understand why it happens but it's just not nice to have like the period from hell whilst you're back at work or getting back on with things.  Jury service starts tomorrow. .. I'll keep you posted but keep a look out for the headline 'girl floods courtroom' ; p

Much love to you all xxx

I too seem to be experiencing bleeding 8 days after LETZ procedure. I was on my period when I had the procedure but since my period finished I only had very watery discharge. Then on day 8... Boom, bleeding like a period & cramps like a period. My only explanation is that during the procedure they apply something or burn the wound to stop bleeding but this only lasts for a week or so. This could explain why bleeding becomes worse or starts at around the 1week mark. 

After the LETZ procedure I was a mess, I was so emotional, bursting into tears for no real reason... i had no control over my emotions. It was a very unsettling week for me post-op. Did anyone else experience this? I also had very high anxiety & insomnia for a few days. Maybe it was the anaesthetic? 

Feeling a lot better now, hoping the worst is behind me. I must admit it's extremely comforting reading all of your posts knowing we've all been through it.


I also went nearly a week before the bleeding really started and yes it is the not knowing where it's heading that's the problem. Just to say I identify with the anxious, emotional feelings and I didn't sleep for 36 hours when I came out of hospital after a general anaesthetic. I hope it sorts itself out as I need to get on a flight at Xmas - can't miss my holiday after all this!