After Lletz advice needed!

Hi all,

i had a colposcopy and Lletz 5/3 (around a week ago) all seemed fine after, I then started to bleed very heavily (when I say heavy, it was like a tap every time I went to the toilet and soaking pads every 1.5 hrs, sorry if tmi!) throughout Wednesday And Thursday with bleeding eventually easing to spotting Friday evening/Saturday. I was due my period around the time I started to bleed really heavily so put it down to the treatment and period combining into such a heavy bleed. I've been spotting since Saturday but I feel incredibly exhausted, very faint and like the room is spinning if I don't focus on one thing, and very bad headaches. I've felt like his since juat before the heavy bleeding stopped. Has anyone had a similar experience after Lletz and what was the outcome? I went back to work the day after my Lletz and life is very busy as always so I don't know if maybe I've overdone it a little. I'm wondering if I need to book in with my gp for a check up.


Thanks in advance


I am feeling exactly the same, I had vin excised and lletz under GA on the 7th (last Wednesda) , but unlike you I’ve not gone to work yet.

I had heavy bouts of bleeding and clots on Sunday but that has eased, but feel completely drained and light headed like you have mentioned. 

I have made an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. 

Hope you‘re feeling better today ? 

Z x