Is this normal

Hi All,

I had my colposcopy last monday, they took a biopsy and I also had the LLETZ treatment the same day.

I have been on and off light/heavy on and off but today its has started really heavy again and I have just passed a big clot, which has worried me.

Just wanted to know if this is normal? I have been bleeding now for 9days....... I am also on anitbiotics which I started yesterday due to an infection.

Thank you


If you also had LLETZ, the discharge can take up to 3-4weeks. You should not bleed heavily, but is there a chance this could be your period? If you are worried, I would advice you to speak to your GP or the Gynae who did the procedure. 

Thank you for your reply :-) I 'think' I came on my period 2 days after the LLETZ because I had period pain and normal heavy bleeding as I usually get, it also lasted 5 days which again is normal. It calmed down but today seems back in full force :-( I've done nothing but run to the loo all day at work, my doctors surgery are no help. I have left a message with the colposcopy helpline which I got given after the procedure and I keep Ringing the gyne ward which was a 24/7 number I was given but that either rings out or is engaged. 


My bleeding is still heavy and still some clots coming out. I don't have any pain or anything bad just this bleeding is worrying me!


Thank you 


when i have my period i always have all sorts of 'stuff' coming out...chunks of the inner wall of my womb and also blood cloths ( sorry if TMI) - this is ever month and normal (as my friends have the same experience). Perhaps you should go down to your GP who could check if all ok down there.... Good luck and dont worry, i am sure it will not be anything serious.

Thank you :-) 

I have finally got through to someone on the ward, she said it's normal to still have some bleeding but not heavy or clots etc..   She has told me to monitor my bleeding over the next 1-2 hours and call them back. She said they may want me in to be assessed.

H x