Lots of blood a week after LLETZ

Hi ladies - I had LLETZ and biopsy taken a week ago yesterday. Since then I have had light bleeding and some days no actual bleeding, just a staining on the toilet tissue. Today I am really bleeding like a very heavy period. Is this normal!!! Just been to the loo and passed a clot. Should I be worried? Well, anymore worried than I already am waiting on results!

Hi there. It's perfectly normal to start bleeding more heavily around a week to 10 days after the LLETZ, because that's when the scab / cauterisation essentially falls off. As long as it's not any heavier than a period, it's nothing to worry about (however if you start to bleed heavier than a period, you should call your colposcopy clinic as you may need re-cauterisation or other medical treatment to stop the bleeding). Hope you feel better soon.


It's probably nothing to worry about but if you are worried id advise call 111. 

I had very heavy bleeding 2 weeks after my lletz and called them and ended getting sent to a&e as the lletz site had hemorrhaged and I had to have it caurterised. I wasn't going to call anyone because it started out as nothing but phoned 111 to see what they said and im glad I did as I lost a lot of blood.

I'm not telling you this to worry you or anything as it is pretty rare they told me but remember you know your own body and remember 111 is always there x

Hi. Hope all is ok. If I was you I would ring where you had it done and ask their advice. Especially if you are passing clots, as they told me you shouldn't bleed more than a period and shouldn have clots ( I asked what was normal immediately after having lletz, as I had laser treatment 20 years ago and got an infection). Best to ask them if you are concerned. Hope you have a speedy recovery X 

Thanks ladies - it is better now.  Still bleeding (11 days post LLETZ) but its no heavier than a period now.  So desperately want to stop bleeding and want my results so I know what I'm dealing with.  Struggling to cope with the wait