Bleeding after LLETZ - normal or early period?

Hi everyone, I'm new here so hello :) I had my first (and hopefully last) LLETZ procedure 12 days ago and have found this forum so helpful in answering my many questions. Still waiting for my results so that's hanging over my head a bit but I'm mostly worried about recovery having never been through any of this before. The first few days after my LLETZ were a dream with no side effects or bleeding, but about a week in I started with some light bleeding which has got progressively worse. Today is the first time I've been soaking through pads every few hours and I started to wonder whether it was my period (which would be a week early), but I suspect it isn't because it's bright red fresh blood and I've also noticed the dark grainy scabs and a few small clots (sorry, grim!) so I suspect it's from the wound. Is this a normal part of healing? I'd appreciate any reassurance or advice anyone can offer. I'm staying alert to any signs of infection but everything seems fine in that respect so far.

The other thing I'm very uncertain about is whether I should be exercising. I'm usually very active, running several times a week, but I've been trying to take it easy. The bleeding got worse the day after a long run so I'm not sure whether that was just coincidence, but I'm afraid of slowing down the healing process. I'd like to be able to keep running though as I do it for my mental health and don't want that to suffer as a consequence. Any advice is welcome! 

Thank you so much in advance xx


I would keep your eye on the bleeding as it was the only sign I had of infection. I had no pain, discharge etc. Just very heavy bleeding. However, it was extremely heavy bleeding! A pad would fill as soon as i stood up and i was passing clots the size of satsumas (sorry TMI). I rang the colposcopy clininc and they asked me to come in straight away. 

Also i would take a break from the running. You need to give the wound a chance to heal properly. Maybe go for a nice walk instead?

Hope you feel better soon.xx

Thank you, that's helpful to know. My bleeding seems to have stopped today so fingers crossed it's settling... I think you're right about the running. I went for a long walk yesterday and I think that's enough for the time being. I'm going to do a bit of gentle yoga later too. I phoned the hospital today to see if there's any update on my results, and left a message so hopefully I'll get to speak to a nurse soon. If I do I'll ask about the bleeding and risk of infection etc. Thanks for your reply xx