After the LLETZ

Hi all,

I'm new here and just had the lletz procedure on Tuesday morning for moderate dyskariosis and was told to prepare for heavy period like bleeding for a couple of weeks. "Fine" I thought, but 5 days later and still nothing (sorry to those who've had it really bad!) it's more like what I was told to expect after the heavy bleeding. 

I really hope this is "normal" for some women and it's not a bad sign!

Thanks in advance


Hi, I'm the same. Had Lletz on Wednesday 4th November and was expecting bleeding similar to what I experienced after punch biopsy (period like). 
But like you I've so far just had a watery slightly blood stained discharge. From what I have read, the proper bleeding is expected at around 10-14 days after the procedure, and should be no worse than a heavy period.

So I think we are normal. Hopefully! 


I had discharge at first and then bleeding from week 2 so could be the calm before the storm! But you might just be lucky and not have anything ?

Hi Sarah 

Hope all is going well. 
I was exactly the same, I was told some bleeding could be expected for a few weeks. However I had slight spotting one day about 2 weeks after treatment and then nothing else. I suppose our bodies are all different. 

I hope your recovering well. I'm due my 6 month check up next week nervous is an understatement!

Take care X

Hope all is going well super soon. Just be positive and diligently take ur meds

Hope all is going well super soon. Just be positive and diligently take ur meds

This is normal for lots of women. They paint a substance on your cervix to stop the initial bleeding. It is common to have no bleeding at first and then to bleed after about 7 - 10 days when the scab comes away. I had no bleeding, just a watery discharge for the first 6 days, a week of bleeding about as heavy as a normal period then a week of "last day of your period" type staining. 

I just came here with the same question. I'm on day 4 and completely fine!!!