post lletz advise please


I had lletz procedure done on the 10th March I had brownish discharge for 8 days then nothing. 3 days ago I a have started bleeding heavy fresh blood. Not my period. Is this normal? 

I took the recommended time off excercise and was really careful what I did for first 2 week as a blood vessel was caught during procedure.

I have found I am really tired all the time....has anyone else experienced this tiredness? ?



I have had lletz and 2 cone biopsies within 3 years and still never know quite what to expect. I know after Lletz I thought it had all stopped and then had further light bleeding. I'm experiencing something similar now but I'm less worried and just taking it easy. As always I'd recommend speaking to your doctor or the colposcopy unit if you're worried as the worrying can sometimes cause more stress than anything. For me I definitely needed 6 weeks recovery and definitely no sex. This time I'm being even more cautious as I did have inflammation in my cervix.

sometimes I wish I had my own little camera to see how I'm doing down there as it is hard to tell as it can all feel quite normal, I don't think Go Pro have branched out into that technology yet!

Thanks for responding. I rang my own gp this morning and couldn't get past the receptionist. The bleeding I have had for last few days is heavy and clotty.

think I will ring hospital on Monday. X


i had same treatment as you, on 13th March. 

2 weeks today. 

I haven't experienced any bleeding, but I do remember the doc sayin to me, 

anymore than spotting, then call us... 

i I did have a ridiculous amount of discharge, so went to the docs, two days ago and they said I had an infection, so now have anti biotic...

i think ur right and call the hospital. 

hope pe it improves soon 

roxi x 

Thanks Roxi

will ring in the morning x

Hi ,

Had my LLETZ on 2nd march, was doing ok with just brownish stuff , had a really heavy period the following week , returned to normal afterwards

Then last week started with a heavy bright red bleed at 11.00 at night , rang the hospital and the nurse said that any fresh bright red blood could be a sign of infection and to call by gp the next day . did this and he said the same thing ,and that I needed some antibiotics -  today I just finished a 7 day course of metronidazole , and am feeling a bit better now . Also suffered with the tiredness and had painful legs and back , also cramps .

Hope this helps a bit but would advise u call your gp or hospital for advice .. Us poor ladies , I'll be glad to feel normal again - gone on too long !

All the best x

Well I had lletz procedure done on 10th March today I rang hospital as had no results through to be told they have lost the results and will speak to the consultant to see what should be done next. To say I am worried is an understatement !