Heavy bleeding after LLETZ

Hi looking for some advise

I had my LLETZ treatment last Wednesday for CIN 3. Wednesday to Saturday light bleeding pink and watery in colour. Saturday started to feel unwell just in general. Sunday morning heavy red bleeding. Twice what a normal period would be if not more. But did ease In the afternoon. Today feeling very faint and dizzy and still heavily bleeding. Been to doctors taken a swab and doctor said does not look infected but on the safe side given me antibiotics. I am due on this time so could this be a period but why is it more heavy than normal? I’m a panicker in nature and just wanted people’s Advise and to put my mind at rest. Thanks

Hi,sorry to see youre not feeling the best! I read that your period after lletz can be heavier due to increased blood flow around that area..i assumr because your cervix is trying to heal. I hope you feel better soon. I had a period after a biopsy last week and it was horrendous. I felt like id given birth with the amount of blood i lost xx

Hey Hun,

You sound identical to me! I had mine on the 11 Jan and was feeling pretty good for the first few days/ week and then on the Thursday I had bright red fresh blood and was more than my normal period. I also had lower back pain but no foul smelling discharge or anything like that, no high temps or anything just general flatness with clots and fresh blood.

I called my gynaecologist office (she's away for 2 weeks as is my normal GP waaah) but the nurse said at this stage I should be seeing that light pink watery discharge which I was initially but soon turned to fresh red and clots with excess blood every time I wipe after peeing). I knew something wasn't right so she said I needed to see a GP who would give antibiotic. 

Went to GP who said infections are rare (bs from all of the copious amount of ladies who said they had an infection post Lletz). He did a swab on Friday and low and behold on Monday I call and get told I need to start x3 400mg metronide per day. I have been so careful to mitigate any infection... no sex,no bath, no tampons, showers with natural soap but not putting any soap there, laying toilet paper down each time I go so no splash, 3-4 lts of water a day, eating so well buuuuuut still got an infection and if I didn't get a swab there would be no symptoms aside from what I felt and knew wasn't right. Pretty annoyed he didn't just give me a course to start prior to results (as it was a Friday and I had to wait until Monday or Tuesday for results... luckily got the confirmation on Monday)

It sounds like you've done all of the right things babe and going for the swab is great as the lab will see if there is an infection. You're also on antibiotics in case there is an infection.

how are you feelkng today? I hope a lot better! If you can take them I would highly suggest some iron tablets! I was feeling so low in energy and took these from the Friday (20th) and the blood stopped and watery pink came back within a day! Even without the antibiotics on board.

best of luck and I really hope you are feeling better and get your results quickly! 



Oh just to add to the novel.... both my GP and gynaecologis/surgeon and day surgery said this does some strange things to your body and hornmones (you're telling me!!!) so it wouldn't be unusual for your period to be heavy, come early or late or be completely all over the place! totally normal but trust your body Hun and keep on hanging in there!

lots of rest xx

I'm also looking for advice. I had LLETZ treatment and barely any bleeding for two weeks after. But then last sunday i woke with such heavy bleeding i had to sit on the toilet as my pads were filling too quick. 


I got told to go to hospital where they had a look and pulled out huge clots. They put me on transexamic acid for 5 days To stop the bleed and sent me home the next day. I have just taken my last pill and still bleeding (a lot lighter now!). I wasn't told if i would carry on bleeding after these tablets and what should be normal? Im so scared il have another huge bleed. Has anyone else experienced this? 

I was on antibiotics too but have now finished these. 


Hi all new to this forum

Before I worry myself and go to docs or contact hosp for advice, I had loop excision 2 weeks ago today. Had no bleeding whatsoever just discharge for about the first 6 days, then light bleeding and day 10 I've had blood. I'm not sure if it's period blood because I'm on the mini pill so shouldn't be having a period. It's bright red, no offensive smell (sorry for details) should i be concerned? Only my leaflet said to expect a light period of blood in the first 10 days. I have a allergy to sanitary towels so I am finding the bleeding difficult. 

I’m writing this for my wife who is Indonesian. She had lletz surgery which seemed to have been successful but around 3 weeks later she started bleeding profusely. The numerous clots were the size of oranges. When we went to the emergency department and told them what was happening the lady gave her a tampon and told her to wait. When I came back to the front desk with one of the clots as evidence along with a whole bunch of agrovation on my part, she was admitted. After 4 or more hours in emergency and with more clots coming out I started to get even more annoyed and frantic with the response we were getting. Thankfully by this time I had done some reading of websites including this one, which armed me with valuable information. Finally we were admitted to the gyno ward where the first arrogant doctor cane in and announced there’s nothing to worry about and they’ll monitor her overnight. At this point I lost my shit and said she is bleeding to death and all you want to do is monitor her. The nurse from emergency couldn’t tell how much blood had been lost as she wasn’t monitoring it. I told the doctor I want a full examination and that from what I’ve read whilst playing doctor google, that there is a procedure where the bleeding can be stopped by pouring acetic acid on the wound to cauterize the wound. This was diismissed as a possibility. Finally we got to see a doctor who was willing to examine her and straight away saw that the scab on the artery on her cervix was bleeding and squirting blood every time her heart beated. He cauterised it immediately and thankfully the wound healed and was successful.
My advice is that should you find yourself in this position keep strong and demand further consultations/examinations until the doctors have found out what the hell is going on. I shudder to think what would have happened if my wife hadn’t gone to hospital and didn’t have me there to fight for her wellbeing. Ps all this happened at Frankston Hospital in Melbourne Australia