Is this normal? Not sure if to be concerned

im new to the forums so firstly will say hello ... hello :)


anyway ... 2 weeks ago I had my 2nd round of lletz treatment after severe abnormal cells were found to be cancerous - only very early stages so they were not to concerned and only this second round of lletz was thought to be needed.


2 weeks later and suddenly ove started to bleed, I knew bleedinf is to be expected and to be honest I just assumed it was my period. 

However later in the day the bleeding had become so heavy I was changing ultra night pads every hour. Leaking through my trousers. 

A mortifying moment in tescos when id only had New pad on 20 mins and I leaked through- literally all over tescos floor. A few hours later after many pad changes, leaks onto clothes etc and the loss of about 20 gold ball sized clots I contacted 111. They have me some advise and told me to wait for a call back. However they were so busy that he phone call didn’t come until 6 hours later at 2am and by then I had triple padded up , my husband had covered the bed in towels in case and I went to bed, I was feeling weak and just wanted to rest. 

When they did call my husband answered , I didn’t even wake, the guy apparently told him he would just call back in the morning and to leave me to sleep ... which he hasn’t Called. 

anyway come morning and the bleeing has eased, although still gushing a tad with a few clots (smaller than yesterday’s) when I go toilet. 

But the pain I’m in is awful. Bad cramps in stomach and all up back, still feeling so tired and weak and my stomach feels so heavy. Just feels weird. 


Had as anyone else experienced this? I was due into work tonight but I’ve called in sick and stayed rested up on sofa most the day ... but I’m not sure if I should have called doctor back, or just see how I go today and hope it’s even more better by tomorrow.


any advice at all? 


Thnk you 

Hiya, that definitely doesn't sound right to me!!! maybe you take a vsit to you local walk in centre or A & E and see what they say cos you can't keep on carring on like this!