Very anxious..advice? ASCUS-hpv pos

hello forum!  I am 44 years old and married with 2 kids.  My last pap came back ASCUS and positive for hpv but NOT 16 or 18.  They could not tell me the exact strain.  They scheduled the colposcopy about a month from the phone call.  It’s in a couple weeks now.  I had some bleeding that was heavy in May that last led several weeks and had since slowed down.  I of course have googled all there is to know and just am really afraid that it’s cancer. I can feel my Cervix with my finger and it feels rather rough/bumpy to me which also makes me worry that it could be cancer.  I have had a few trans vaginal ultrasounds in the past couple months which showed some smallish ovarian cysts.  I have pain but more like menstrual cramps and only when bleeding.  Any help?  Advice?  Real talk?  Let me have it...  I feel really alone and scared.  My kids have a serious medical condition and they need me healthy!!

Hi dear,

Im in the same situation hope everything is okay