25 and terrified

Hi all, very new here so forgive me if I have posted in the wrong place! Just wanted to share my story so far, I have just turned 25 a few days ago but had my first smear last month. I am a natural panicker so was terrified of going for my first smear but more scared of the results, these came a few weeks lalater. I rang the doctors at work and the nurse told me I was hpv positive and also had cell changes I automatically thought I had cancer although the nurse on the phone assured me I hadn't and a call from my doctor later on assured me that I did not have cervical cancer. I am due to have a colposcopy next week and am so.scared they might see something I can barely sleep, my anxiety is through the roof, I can't concentrate at work I also have a holiday booked for August but can't look forward to it Because I'm terrified of the result of the colposcopy. Please help! 

Hey Gabby,

I can't offer advice so much but I can tell you I'm in the exact same place as you. I'm also 25 and I have my colposcopy tomorrow. I've been a nervous wreck for weeks and my boyfriend has to remind me 100 times a day to stay positive. What he tells me to calm me down is that they haven't found anything yet and I'm stressing myself out over a diagnosis that might not even come. I'm a total worrier too, I worry about everything but I'm starting to learn that worrying doesn't help. But you can't always help it. I'm scared. But I'll be here for you! We can be scared together :)

I took a vacation right after I got the call telling me I needed a colposcopy. It was hard at first to enjoy it because I was so scared but eventually I put it out of my mind. If anything, I tried to enjoy it more. Just try your hardest to enjoy the little things that make you happy and not worry until you have more information.

Hi Gabby & Carose

I'm new to the site too, i'm not 25 until July but had an early smear in jan. Please try not to be too worried, I had my colposcopy in Feb and its not much worse then your smear. Its a bit uncomfortable afterward as you get cramp like you would on your period, but after a week max you feel fine physically. What I will say is though, I did feel quite weary and emotional but I think that is natural. The colposcopy biopsy is done to determine what grade your abnormality is, either low, moderate or high, it honestly doesnt mean that you have cervical cancer, all the treatments are in place so we can avoid that. I had high grade changes so have to have LLETZ treatment next Wednesday, I am so nervous but so pleased that they are getting rid of any abnormalities that could otherwise turn into CC. I know its a scary time, and its hard to think of anything else, but just keeping thinking that the procedures are positive and will hopefully make everything ok :)


Hi girls, I’m 27 and had LLETZ treatment in February for CIN 2 (moderate abnormalities) after receiving an abnormal smear with no symptoms…The situation you’re in at the moment is soo soo stressful and I suffered with terrible anxiety after receiving the smear results through the post but none of my panicking was necessary in the end but until you’ve had your colposcopy you’re unlikely to feel any calmer (I felt much more reassured after the Dr had a good look and carried out treatment). Please try to remember that an abnormal result and a colposcopy referral isn’t too uncommon. I asked around after receiving my results and was shocked how many ladies I know who have been where you are now! The cervical screening program is designed to pick up early cell changes and not cancer but I just don’t think anyone understands the anxiety that comes with receiving an abnormal result! Good luck at your colposcopy today Carose and you too Gabby, for next week. Anna Rose, the LLETZ procedure itself is nothing to worry about…I just closed my eyes and held my mums hand tight and it was over before I knew it…It wasn’t painful!! I went for a glass of wine with my mum on the way home to celebrate haha. Sending you all lots of hugs xxx


Thanks Vicky, i've pre-warned my mam that her hand is going to be sore! x

Thank you all so much for the replies, feeling alot calmer this week so far I spoke to an ex nurse at work the other day and she really helped-aswell as you lovely ladies :).  However I will probably be a nervous wreck on Thursday but I have my friends coming with me and we've planned a glass/bottle of wine after haha.Hope everything went okay for you Carose! Xx