ASCUS and positive for high risk HPV

Hey guys, 

I'm new here. I just needed to get this out there and hopefully be encouraged by others. I'm 25 and I was just notified today that my pap smear result came back as ASCUS and also tested positive for high risk HPV.  I had my last pap 3 years ago (before I was sexually active) and this came back as negative. I'm so scared right now. I don't know what to expect. I'm healthy. I eat clean most of the week and workout 5 days a week. Is it possible that my body could still fight this off? I'm supposed to get a phone call tomorrow from the nurse practitioner  explaining what the next step is but I'm just so scared. I also don't want to tell my mom or sisters yet since I don't want them to worry :( Any words of encouragement or similar situations?

I went through something very similiar! I had a pap three years ago that came back normal. However, my pap last year came back as ASCUS. My doctor presented all my options (wait and re-test) or go in for a colposcopy to see what was going on. I was 30 years old at the time.  He did assure me that it's probably nothing but ultimately, I decided on the colposcopy more due to peace of mind.  And it turned out to a bit more serious than we all thought. So I'm glad I didn't decide to just wait and see. 

I also was very thrown off by all of this as I am very active and eat very well and otherwise very healthy. I was confused as to why my body couldn't fight off HPV. For some people, it just persists and nobody knows why. 

Hopefully you'll feel better after you speak with the nurse practioner and you're presented with all your options! Hugs. 

Thanks for replying. I'm so glad to hear that your last smear came back norm and HPV negative. I got a call today saying that they were going to refer me to a gynecologist for a colposcopy.  I'll have  to wait 4 weeks to be seen for the colposcopy. 

I know, the waiting SUCKS. I had to wait two months between my PAP and the colposcopy appt. Then another two months to get treatment. Personally, I think since ASCUS is such a typical finding and it could mean a million different things, it's not considered "urgent" and in most cases, they make you wait to be seen at the colposcopy clinic. However, had my PAP results actually shown what I ACTUALLY had (which was CIN 3), I would have been seen much faster. I hope the wait isn't too hard on you and that they find absolutely nothing at the colposcopy appt!