4+ years of abnormal smears, HPV, colposcopies and Now CIN3

So I'm 25 as of this past November. I have had abnormal pap test results for 4.5 years now. In 2014  I was recommended to have a colposcopy where they found I had HPV. They exised it completely and found no more. Since then I have had regular paps every 6 months and have had no changes, they are still abnormal but I have always been told it's nothing to worry about because they are so low grade. I had a colposcopy in 2016 which came back clear. I followed up with a pap test 6 months later and still abnormal low grade cells. 

This started to really weigh on me, I have pretty bad anxiety to start with and am a bit paranoid of getting cancer. Runs in my family. I called my doctor crying and asked he refer me to a proper gynocologist which he did in a heartbeat and assured me I was ok. I was booked for a colposcopy this past November. I hadn't received results by mid-December so I called the office and was told the secretary was away and just catching up with everyting. Fine, I understand people can be busy.

She called me to tell me the doctor wanted to assure me I did NOT have cancer, however, my cells were now high grade CIN3 and I would need a LEEP procedure. This really freaked me out and panicked me. The secretary offered an appointment with the doctor to simply talk before booking the procedure and I have that appointment tomorrow. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to ask all my questions (I have about 20) but am quite scared for the actual procedure. 

If anyone has any advice, reassurances, similar stories and especially any questions I should ask at my appointment tomorrow I would be so grateful.

This group has really given me hope and eased my mind a bit. So thank you ladies regardless of what stage you're at with all of this.

Hi Lioness,

Hope your appointment yesterday went well.

Try not to panic! I had my first positive smear result ever (high grade dyskaryosis), followed by colposcopy and LLETZ all in the one appointment yesterday.  You're in the hands of the experts now and my experience yesterday was that the whole "having treatment" thing is nowhere near as bad as you expect when you've been dwelling on it in your mind for days. The hospital gynae. staff in my experience were far better at dealing with this stuff than the GP and really lovely.

One thing that really helped me was asking the colposcopist if I could see the screen to understand fully what she was talking about/seeing.  Seeing "the bad cells" for myself and seeing that the area in question was really quite small actually reassured me more than anything.

Don't be afraid to ask questions and be involved in the whole process, it's your body afterall.

Good luck in the next step.

Hey lovely 

I had my first ever smear last year June (I was 28 so 3 years out) and it came back as High Grade Dyskaryosis 

I had a colscopy in July, where she said I had a really small section abnormal, so I had a LLETZ loop procedure in August, my nurse was fantastic removed the area and a little extra to be triple safe and she stated it does not look cancerous and no signs of cancer.

I received my biopsy results which said the affected area had been removed and it was CIN3 .... CIN does not mean cancer it does not even mean pre cancer otherwise it would state on the letter :) .. I've had fantastic support from Jo's cancer trust helpline with the lovely nurses and they put your mind at ease. 

CIN is a scary thing to read BUT it's just another way of saying what you had originally from your previous results (they like to be posh haha) 

I have a follow up (6 month) on 1st March to have a check, I'm feeling extremely positive.

Your not alone if you need a chat we are all here, we are all in the same boat xx