My colposcopy

so...long story but I received my smear results and they were high grade moderate. Obviously I freaked out, googled a lot and convinced myself I was dying. That I had cancer. 
i attended colposcopy today and there was a tiny white dot that the consultant said was cin 1. There was a slightly larger white blob at the bottom of my cervix and the consultant looked at it for what felt like a year! Then said she was unsure whether cin2 or CIN3 and so wouldn't be doing any treatment today. She took a biopsy. I asked her a few times whether I could have cancer and she said she couldn't say 100% but that she wasn't worried and it was unlikely.

obviously my anxiety is still through the roof. Do you think I'm pretty much in the clear? 
thanks xx

I hope you are in the clear. It's terrifying but take heart - they're looking to see what's going on. And even if it's worst case scenario and they do find cancer cells it could be treatable - I can't say don't panic because I was in your shoes last week and I was really frightened. I thought because I'd been told I had a "high grade" infection and my last smear was 2008 so 12 years ago, and I'd been given an "urgent" colpscopy appointment - that it was inevitable it would be serious, but in fact they found a tiny warty lesion which has gone off for a biopsy. The consultant took all the affected tissue he could see and says he's very optimistic. 

Your doctor's given you her best opinion - it's not a diagnosis but she isn't going to lie to you so you have every reason to be optimistic. I've got everything crossed for you. And I know what that fear feels like - I can't think of anything to say that will  take it away but I can send you a virtual hug and hope for the best. 

Hope you dont have to wait to long. Sounds familar I had a gyne app as doc refered me as seen something on my cervix, gyne looked and said there was a white area now waiting for coloscopy, biopsie and scan on womb as thatvwas large and low. I find the waiting is worse than anything. I have all my apps a week today ??

The waiting is definitely the worst my anxiety is so bad!! Hope it all goes well for you 

Just an update. I received my biopsy results today. Cin2! So I will have a lletz procedure to remove it 

Oh you've had so long to worry! Don't panic, you're in a screening process to find anything bad and deal with it so hopefully that's all that's happening. You have every reason to be optimistic - they're on the case for you. I've got everything crossed for you! xxxx

Have you had your procedure don't to remove these yet. I'm waiting for mine