Hi I'm wanted some advice I've had a smear my results came back as high risk hpv

 and low grade abnormal cells I'm going for my colposcopy Monday but I can't eat sleep don't no what to expect I feel ill 


Afternoon hu


Low grade, I believe is CIN1. I had CIN3 almost three years ago. At my appointment at colposcopy, I had local anaesthetic and they removed all the bad cells. The biggest piece they removed was the size of a 50p. Thankfully it was all numb so no real pain. The local anaesthetic really made my legs shake and I remember focusing more on that then anything else. Please rest well after for a few days. I thought I was well enough to return to work two days after and ended up in hospital because I'd haemorrhaged. I know it's really scary but they have caught the changing cells early so that's a positive thing. Take care Hun. Let us know how it goes. Xxx

Hi thank you I'm self employed so a nightmare to have time off but I will have to 

I'm just worried things are worse cause my cervix bled as soon as she touch when having smear test etc I suppose 

you always look at the worst I just hope they treat there an there cause I feel really ill an I'm on holiday in 3 weeks an away for 2 

just feel ill :-(

I had the same thing at my smear a few weeks ago. My results have come back clear but my nurse has referred me to colposcopyclinic.

So I am a little concerned. My friends keep telling me not to worry but I'm scared that there is something else going on further up and that is why she is sending me. Most of the time I am fine but I have these moments of panic, that make me want to throw up, pass out or cry. Lol

It's nice to be able to chat to someone with the same worries. Xxx

P.s hope you get the all clear so you can have a relaxing holiday xx

Thanks for your reply I hope they Can treat me there an then :-/ I'm struggling 

I will have a panic attack when I get there I know it! :-( I'm so scared

I think the waiting and uncertainty is far worse than the actual procedure (in my experience) 

Do you have someone to take with you? 

Yes my husband has had the day off I don't think I've ever felt like this before an I had a lot of hard things chucked at me in my life :-/ I just fear what about if it's really bad I have 3 young girls , an what about if they just do a biopsy :-/ I just want it gone I feel horrible knowing there's something not nice there an I can't get rid of it myself, sorry for being so down on the msg :-(

I know how you feel. I had the same fear after my first treatment and until my first clear smear six months later. 

I'm scared this time round, and I know all was treated and fine last time. . . But it doesn't stop the worry. Although my friend seem to think by saying "don't worry" will help how I feel. 


Hi Stacie. I completely understand your worries! But let me try to ease your mind a bit.. I had low grade changes an high risk HPV on my smear test - colposcopy showed CIN1 after taking 2 biopsies. Low grade are only very minor changes and they don't tend to treat only mild changes as 90% usually regress back to normal on their own without treatment. However, if it was a higher grade (CIN 2 & CIN 3) then they would offer treatment to remove the abnormal area as higher grades are unlikely to regress back to normal on their own. They chose to use the 'watchful waiting' with me and referred me back in a years time. Low grade is really nothing to worry about as it's very mild. You can be rest assured hun that it's very unlikely to progress into anything more - they will just keep a closer eye on you so they can detect any early abnormalities. Hope I've eased your mind a little :) 90% of people usually clear HPV within 1-2 years, some people will never even know they have it as it shows no symptoms, others cause genital warts, some cause abnormalities and a small percentage cause cervical cancer. It is a very slow growing cancer (10 or so years) they told me - and its very unlikely that yours will progress into anything sinister hun! Don't panic, all will be fine :) xx

Hi, I had a smear just over a year ago as my cervix was ver inflamed came back ok, so to come back like this is a shock an 

my friend hers come back low then had biopsy it came back as cin3

You claim not freaking out at all am l lol xxxx

Oh bless you. It is a very worrying time I know believe me! To have my first ever smear come back as abnormal scared the life out of me.. we automatically think the worse. I understand that sometimes the smear can be wrong and it can either pick up severe changes which turn out to be minor and sometimes it can pick up low changes and it can turn out severe. It is quite rare though - the smear test is usually pretty accurate, sometimes different things can mess up the smear test including blood, inflammation, not enough cells taken on the smear etc.. The smear is really only to detect any abnormal cells - the colposcopy determines the grade of abnormality and the biopsy usually confirms. It's a very stressful time I know, our mind can sometimes be our worst enemy! But don't let it worry you - at least not until you've had your colposcopy etc. As I really don't think you have anything to worry about. I worried myself sick for the first few weeks, but I'm absolutely fine now - I won't let it ruin my life and I'll just continue to live each day as it comes! Whatever happens, happens. Were in the best hands, you're in the system and any abnormalities will be caught early enough to treat if you do go on to have anything more than CIN1. Even if it is CIN3 which is unlikely - it's was it treatable with no recurrence! Good luck xx

Sorry, I meant easily treatable. Silly iphone x 

thanks ladies really helps xxxx