Follow up

I received a phone call from a nurse today to explain my follow up appointment later this month. Apparently at the review meeting the consultant was looking at my original smear and he isn't sure whether it is just CIN3 cells or something more (the nurses words, I have assumed by that she means cancer). At my appointment they will re-examine and then decide from there whether further treatment is needed. I am pleased they are being thorough, however I am terrified of the possibility of cancer (as I am sure everyone is). I am a single mum and the thought of it is too ovewhelming. Has anyone else had similar experiences? Any coping ideas would be great, I am struggling to focus on anything else and any slight twinge in my body I am jumping to worst case scenario conclusions. :-( 


Thank you x

Hi Hun,

I havent had a similar experience, but I am a single mum and completely understand the stress of waiting around for any news, I am currently waiting for results and I am terrified too!

As you say they are being thourough which is a really good thing and when you have your appointment and get your results you will know that they have not missed anything at all.

Do you have a date for your appointment?

Wishing you all the best during these stressful times.

I am a single mom who was in your situation twice, unfortunately.  I can relate to your terror and your "imaginary" symptoms.  I would suggest that you try to just enjoy your kids until the appointment.  Take things one day at a time.  Stay off the internet--the answers are in your pathology, not in other people's experiences.  It is hard, but the internet just makes everyone panicky.

I assume your next step will be colposcopy, and that will give you some answers.  Likely, you just have CIN III.  But rest assured that early stage cervical cancer is not a death sentence.  It is very treatable. You are on the right path now to get this taken care of, whatever it may be.

Sending you my best thoughts and wishes.

Hi :)

I've had two LLETZ under GA and an MRI that came back normal, this was after a diagnosis of 1A1, and am now waiting on another set of colposcopy biopsies where the likely outcome will be a hysterectomy.

Try not to panic. They are looking carfeully at your results. I found it was much better to know what was going on, bad news or not.

The wait is always worse than being armed with the knowledge to deal with your diagnosis.

M xx