CIN 3 and need reassurance


I'm new to this so hope this is the right place/ thing to do.

i had a smear3 years ago that came back clear, I had my second ever smear last week and had a letter informing me that I have CIN 3. 

I'm not worried about the colposcopy procedure itself but I am terrified they may find cancer.

i can't stop shaking and im sooooo worried. I haven't received a letter for an appointment yet but I had to ring the gp to find out when it was as was just about to start my 7 pill free days. My appointment is on the 19th and I'm struggling to think about anything else. 

If anyone can offer statistics or any calming advice/ experience I'd really appreciate it. 


Hi sweetie,

 I had my first smear last month with high grade dyskerosis/CIN3, my consultant at the colposcopy told me this does not mean you have cancer but it would become cancerous if left untreated. 

They gave me a loop excision biopsy and took away about 13mm of my cervix. Currently waiting for my results ( the hard part) but my best advice is to take someone with you to the colposcopy for reassurance and comfort. Continue to post on here to with any worries as we all need support from others having the same experience :) 

Hope all goes well for you xxx

hi coral,

thank you for your reply. It's all just such a worry. My sister is coming with me and she is super calm in any situation so that's a good thing.

so the biopsy taken will be checked to make sure the got all the abnormal cells I'm assuming? 

im such a worrier and an over thinker at the best of times. Just want to know as much as I can to try and put my mind at ease. 

Thanks again and let me know how your biopsy went. Good to know there's opeople who understand. 

B. x

Yep they just want to make sure they've rid my body of the nasties :) don't worry I'm exactly the same, to my friends I'm the calm one, alone I'm an emotional wreck!

Thanks will let you know when I get them, its only been 2 weeks this coming thurs since my Colp so wont be just yet! Was told to anticipate 2-4week wait!! Urgh!!

Good luck on 19th keep me posted xxx


Morning Hun.

I had CIN3 a few years ago and i know what a horribly worrying time it can be. The procedure itself isn't too bad, it's a little uncomfortable but deffinatley not painful. I didn't look at the screen at what they were doing. I know i would have replayed it in my head and made waiting for the results much harder. lol. Please make sure you rest afterwards. I didn't, i resumed normal working life far too quickly and ended up haemorrhaging, was back in hospital for a week.

Glad you have found some of the lovely helpful ladies on here. It's nice to be able to chat to people that actually understand the situation.

Take care hun. xxx




Thanks for the advice on taking it easy after, I have a very physical job so booked a week off after to recover and try and chill out.

Yesterday I spoke to a nurse from the hospital wher my colposcopy is going to be done, she was so kind and completely understood my worries but has put my mind at ease even more. Would just like it all over and done with now, 10 days and counting. 

hope your colposcopy goes ok.