A worried mess

Hello ladies, I'm new here, I've always had normal smears so was very upset at the end of September to find out I had HPV & CIN 1 cell changes, I went for my colposcopy last Wednesday, the doctor put a dye on my cervix & said it changed colour which indicated a problem, she then took 2 biopsy's, I was so embarrassed because I cried the whole way through the appointment, the nurses were wonderful though, anyway I'm now worried sick. I have 2 sons & a partner who bless his heart isn't good at this sort of thing, fortunately I have a good support network but with covid it's proving difficult to be close to them all. I just wanted to get it off my chest really, I'm so scared x

Hi Hannah 

It's completely normal to be worried, I have been in the same boat as you. I had treatment earlier on in the year for CIN 3. Just had my smear to check all is ok fingers crossed.

I know it's easier said than done, but your in the right hands, I also cry through my appts your not alone. Stay positive, they take biopsies to determine what grade they are to make sure it is what they think and then offer treatment if needed (it's nearly painless straightforward easy procedure). For most people this sorts everything out. And cell changes are very common I was told by my nurse CIN 1 can go as quickly as they come.

I have been going through this for the last few years- if there is anything I can help with let me know. Good luck x


I'm in the same situation... cin 1 and hpv. Colposcopy and biopsies taken Thursday but the dr literally didn't say anything to me about what she saw. She did say she wasn't worried though. Did they say how long until you get your results? I have 3 children too, I just have that dread feeling constantly, you're not alone but try and stay positive, the smear is there as a prevention so fingers crossed we both come back ok. X

Thank you for your reply, sorry to hear you've been through this too, you've put my mind at ease a little so thank you x

Sorry to hear you're going through this too ? the doctor didn't say much to me either, poor woman was probably glad when I left lol, she said about a 3 week wait for results, good luck x

And I hope you get the all clear from your smear x