Scared and confused

Hi, I’m new to all this and I’m very scared. Had my smear test as always last week of March. Was called Friday to say they needed to see me asap. Went in Monday but due to holidays they couldn’t do anything. She explained that I have HPV and will need a colposcopy as I have ‘pre-cancerous cells inside my cervix’ where they will then get a wire loop and remove the cells. This is all happening on Thursday this week. I don’t really understand what’s happening or what ‘CIN’ level I am I just know that it’s all very daunting and very quick. Having read lots of these stories I know I’m not alone but needed to air my worries!


Last week I recieved my results advising I had high grade changes and on Thursday I got my appointment through for a coloscopy for today. Like you I was in the dark as couldn't get in to my doctors to discuss my results due to the bank holiday so literally spent the weekend holding back the tears.

My appointment was first thing, the nurses were amazing! They explained my results showed CIN3 and that I needed a coloscopy, biopsy followed by LLETZ. It wasn't bad at all, I was in no pain and the nurses chatted to me all the way through. After they give you a hot drink and let you know what happens next. I feel so much better after today. Hope it all goes ok for you, here if you have any questions xxx 


I too had my coloscopy last Thursday, day before the Easter break :) Everyone was lovely from start to finish and talked me through everything I was watching on the screen. Biopsied several areas and located the mass from the previous scan, I even thanked the young male doctor who performed it under guidnance of the consultant for being so thoughtful and pleasant.

I agree ask lots of questions looking back I should have pushed on a couple of comments, which are now playing around in my head.

The proceedure was nothing what I imagined and please just stay positive as much as you can, the waiting for results is the bit Im finding hard :(

Sending special thoughts your way, and all goes well for you xx

I can only help from the perspective of someone who had the colposcopy and a biopsy done on 12th april, however the nurses and the doctor were wonderful. It wasn't the most pleasant experience but they talked me through everything, let me watch it on the screen and made sure I asked lots of questions. They understand it isn't pleasant so they are really great, try not to worry (although I understand it is hard not to - I did) and just remember it is best for them to get it done and they are looking after your best interests :) good luck but I am sure you won't need it x

Hi l was the same as you had my colposcopy and biopsy taken on 10th April,  have you had any results back yet everyday I hope to get results that everything is Ok


I get you are scared and confused! I am feeling the same thing, I received a letter on Saturday saying I had borderline changes and HPV. No phone call, no appointment just a letter saying I had been referred for a Colposcopy. I am still waiting to have an appointment but no idea where I have been referred to or how long to wait to hear about an appointment. I hate the waiting and feel a bit left to it really. Quite disappointment with my GP and how they have handled this, am I wrong to expect more than a letter and a leaflet on Colposcopy? A follow up call this week may have been nice, I don't know whether it is worth chasing with the GP tomorrow and how helpful the receptionist will be! Argh!