Anxiety after colposcopy

Hi, I just want to say that this site is fantastic and has been a bit of a lifeline in the build up to my colposcopy and biopsy.
I had my smear in June and it came back boarderline with HPV, I had my appointment at the hospital with the dr and he said he would hold of the coloposcopy until after my Holliday in Aug as boarderline most times comes back low risk. Well I had my colposcopy yesterday, had several big panic attacks, and when he looked at my cervix before he did anything he said I would have to come back for treatment. I have sufferd with quite bad health anxiety of a while now and I’m jut finding this all to much. Im worried he saw cancer or something. He said I will be having treatment in 8 weeks time. Has anyone experienced this? Would he have seen cancer? or would it be cin? I know I should have asked all this to him yesterday, but I was just so nervous I didn’t really think.

Hi Elliebelly :-) I've had my colposcopy 2 days ago and I was incredibly anxious throughout the whole treatment. During the procedure the colposcopist called for senior doctor and at this point I've had a full blown panic attact. I was expecting the worst. Turns out she couldn't position the equipment very well and she needed help.

She found CIN2 and CIN3 and they've preformed LLETZ under local anaesthetic straight away. I'm awaiting the results now to see if they've managed to fully clear them out. Straight after my treatment my doctor told me that apart from pre cancer cells he didn't see anything sinister but they still need to send the sample for further testing to be 100% sure.

 Have you been told anything about the changes that they've found? Will they send you results?


Try to stay positive, I know how nerve wrecking this can be. The wait, the uncertainty...You have to stay strong and believe that everything will be ok! You will be well looked after. If you have questions about what the doctor saw, you can call the hospital and try to get hold of him. I was given a number to the reception after my treatment to chase up the results and in case I have any questions. It might be worth just calling them if it helps you to put your mind at ease. Best of luck xx

Hi there 

if they even suspect cancer there are strict government guidelines which state that they must begin investigations/treatment within 2 weeks.  I would take the fact that they are not treating you for 8 weeks as a very positive sign that it is in fact CIN. xx

Thankyou for the replies, they didn't really say what they thought it could be just they would write within 4 weeks with results and a appointment within 8 weeks, and that I would need treatment but they didn't know what one until they had the results back. The only thing I do know is when they used the solution in my cervix half went murky white with bright white patches. Nellie that's what I thought but wasn't sure. oh kazpie87 its horrible isn't it, it's nervous enough as it is but having a panic attack makes it so hard to deal with it all. I do have a phone number for them, may give them a ring.