Abnormal Cells and HPV picked up

good evening everyone. I'm new to this site and have arrived here after receiving a letter today from the hospital informing me I need a colposcopy within 2 weeks. I hadnt had any results from my smear. I called the doctors who confirmed low grade abnormalities and HPV positive. The test is when i am on holiday so I now have to wait 4 weeks. I'm sure most of you know the worry of the unknown and I just feel so alone with it all. I am more worried that they want to see me so soon as that makes me feel like its bad! I suppose I'm just getting my fears down in writing and just hoping that someone has some words of wisdom/advice. 


Thanks so much x

You've come to the right place :). Don't worry about the wanting to see you soon it's quite standard and most people seem to get seen around 2 weeks after getting the letter. Low grade refers to something called cin1 which in a lot of cases can be left to go back to normal on his own. If you have any questions I guarantee they can be answered on here :). Enjoy your holiday xxx

Thanks Jojo. I didn't sleep well last night but feel more calm this morning. It's hard not to think of worst case scenario isn't it?! My 3 and 5 year olds will hopefully keep me busy and my mind off things! 


I had pretty much exactly the same as you (borderline with high risk HPV in my case) and I would echo what JoJo says - they get you in for colposcopy really quickly, and getting an appointment a week later isnt indicative of anything sinister!

I think the first appointment I was offered was less than a week after my smear test results arrived, although I did postpone it for a week or two as I was finishing up a job and couldnt take the time off.

Try not to worry, hopefully the colposcopy will show low grade changes like your smear did, in which case they probably won't even need to treat it (CIN1/low grade changes apparently quite often revert to normal on their own)

Enjoy your holiday!


Hi. I had a smear in feb which had cin1 results. I had to have another smear six months later (August). Well the results are through, I had a letter to tell me I have an abnormal smear result and my hospital will send me my colposcopy appointment. The thing that is Worrying me is that it doesn't state what the abnormality is wheras the first smear I was told cin1. I don't suppose there is anyone who could shed some light on this? The letter was brief and just contained a leaflet on colposcopies and cervical cancer. 

Try not to look in to it too much. It seems fairly common for these vague letters to be sent but it doesn't mean it's anything to worry about. When is your appointment? I hope you don't have to wait too long! Xxx