Thank you ☺️

So last week I had the dreaded letter that I had high grade changes and that I needed a coloscopy then I was little worried as they seemed to book me in pretty quick (for today). I’ve been an emotional wreck this week and literally could not stop thinking about it all. Thankfully I came across this forum and each time I had a down moment I came and read all the positive posts.

I had a little cry this morning and was expecting the worse as I’ve had a few strange symptoms after my smear but from the moment I arrived the nurses were so kind! I was told I had ‘CIN3’ so had the coloscopy followed by a biopsy then LLETZ. The worse thing for me was the adreline they give you, my heart was racing but during the procedure I didn’t feel any pain at all. If anyone (like me) has been dreading their appointment then hope you find this post puts you at ease.

What a lovely site this is, I want to thank everyone who has shared their experiences, it helps so much!!

Fingers crossed for my results but feeling really positive after today. Wishing everyone else good news xxx

Thank you, Littledanni. 

I just got the call today that my pap was adnormal and that I have HPV. I am freaking out. I have a coloscopy/biopsy scheduled a month from now. I really wish they would give me something for my anxiety. I'm afraid i'll throw up, faint or have a panic attack. I know I will proabably break down and cry though :/

Your post made me feel a little better though.

Take care

Just reading through all your posts and they are definitely calming me down a bit. I've had normal smears up until 2012 then my most recent one in 2016 showed slight changes and was to be go back in 6 months, then my most recent one at the beginning of April showed changes which need further investigation (I'm in Scotland and from what I can tell we don't get any more info than that on the letter) and I've got a colposcopy booked for next Monday. That scares me that it's been organised so quickly, but hoping whatever it is it can spotted and dealt with quickly. I'm still petrified but hoping for the best!