Ascus and colposcopy

I had my routine smear which came back as ASCUS. I wasnt tested for HPV. A week later I had a colposcopy and de Dr. said it has a very light aceowhite area. What could it be in your experience? Im so scared. I Will have a biopsy today but please help me Im so scared. Thanks.

I'm new here but from everything I read, ASCUS is usually caused by an HPV infection. I know you said they didn't test they plan on it?

The Mayo clinic describes ASCUS as: ‘Atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance (ASCUS). Squamous cells are thin and flat and grow on the surface of a healthy cervix. In the case of ASCUS, the Pap smear reveals slightly abnormal squamous cells, but the changes don't clearly suggest that precancerous cells are present‘.

The ‘light aceowhite area’ that you described during the colposcopy indicates that abnormal cells might be present. Colposcopies are much more accurate than smears, which is why a biopsy has been advised to confirm the diagnosis. This is all routine when following up abnormal smears.

Try not to be scared, as it‘s likely that its just borderline, which has a high chance of reverting to normal on its own. If it has become precancerous (CIN), then it’s highly curable at this early stage.

All the best and good luck.

Thanks for respondig. I had a Lletz biopsy done and Im dying of fear. Dont know what to do.

Thanks ❤

They have taken a biopsy, no tested for HPV. Im dying... of fear. 

I too had ASCUS result on my pap. I hope you get results soon! Waiting is so hard. 

How are you doing, Marie? Thanks God my biopsy came back as cervicitis. Waiting to see my Doctor. 
Have you had any treatment?