Smear abnormal

I had my routine papsmear in August, my results showed epithelial cell abnormality, Low grade squamous cell intraepithelial lesion (HPV/CIN 1/ Mild Dysplasia), atypical squamous cells; cannot exclude high grade intraepithelial lesion (ASC-H). I just had my colposcopy today (10/31) and she saw cell changes on my cervix and took a biopsy. My husband and are just starting to try to get pregnant, how worried should I be that I have precancerous cells or will this clear up on it’s own?

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Sorry you are having such a rough time.
It would be wrong to advise you anything other than to wait for the results of the biopsy done at your colposcopy. How long did they say those would be? All of the guidance depends on what stage the biopsy comes back at-indeed if it even is pre-cancerous at all.


They said my results would come back Oct. 3rd

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Chase them up then. Check with GP first and then ring the hospital and ask to speak to the secretary of your gynae team. Ask them to either email it to you or send it you recorded delivery or tell them you can go and fetch a letter from them. Post is awful at present due to strikes etc I received an MRI appointment after the date it took place (which luckily I knew about.)

Just so you are aware you can have it written in your notes that your reports (for X-rays, CT, MRI) are not to go outside of the country-this delays reporting for you.

These were my results.
Cervical atrophy with dysplasia, favor high-grade dysplasia.
I’m guessing the next step would be a LEEP?