Cervical dysplasia/CIN3/ASCUS

may be long but I need some insight and answers Possibly. 


My first pap was may 22 2007 at 14, it came back abnormal.  They did a colposcopy which showed CIN 1. Alost 2 years last it was CIN 2 and the doctor stated it spread to my vaginal walls. I had then gotten pregnant with my son, after he was born the doctor said it retreated back to my cervix. He wanted to do another colpo in 6 months. November 2009 my last colposcopy showed CIN 3. Every pap smear I've had has been abnormal and I have HPV as well. I know I have high risk strains 16 and 18 and some other strains. No warts just the cancerous ones. I have irregular bleeding, bleeding after sex, alot of discharge and sex hurts. My CBCs have showed a high WBC with no infection found after NUMEROUS tests. Blood in my urine and protein as well. Along with other things such as a high neutrophil count and monocytes and such. My recent pap showed ASCUS but I don't trust these doctors. They have told me for over a year that blood in my urine, protein and blood in my stool plus more is COMPLETELY NORMAL! My first hpv test with them was negative and I made them retest cause they use surepath which can give false negatives. And sure enough it came back positive on my updated hpv test. 

Is there a chance that it may be cancer now? My mom and aunts and grandmother's have all had abnormal paps and my mom has uterine cancer,grandmother and aunts have ovarian and uterine cancer but none have been diagnosed with cervical cancer. My mom has 2 tumors in her uterus. As well as gallbladder cancer. My dad has cancer as well. I know that has nothing to do with me it's just stressful seeing them fight these battles and nothing I can do for them.

I would be asking them why they have not done the lletz treatment if you have shown to have cin3 plus hpv positive. I would be more pushy and demand a lletz, or second opinion! Good luck!

I have a colposcopy scheduled for August 11th, will be my first colpo in 5 years... ugh can't help but stress