Hi Ladies,

So i havent posted in here for some time, so apologies for just using this for my own needs and not helping others for a while. Ive today received my results form my vault smear, it says Cytology clear but HPV positive and I have been asked to attend for another Colposcopy next week.

Has anyone had this themselves as I really thought that after my hysterctomy this would all be over. Its a part of my life I just want to move on from and now I feel like I am back to the start all over again.

Does anyone know what they are looking for considering all my cervix has been taken away.

Ive tried to look online but really cant find anything about the next steps after Hysterectomy and still showing HPV.

Thanks in advance ladies x

Hi haylesd 

I'm sure someone more knowledgable than me will be along soon but having just had my RH surgery I did ask my surgeon what would happen with my HPV and what the follow up looks like, so maybe this helps you in the meantime?

He said if the HPV persists in the body it can cause changes to the cells in the vagina and vulva, these are called VAIN and VIN respectively, and these correspond to CIN in the cervix ie vaginal/vulval intraepithelial neoplasia as opposed to cervical intra epithelial neoplasia. It grades from 1 to 3 just like CIN does.

He said if I remain HPV positive the colposcopist would use a liquid that shows up any patches of abnormal cells in the vaginal canal so that any VAIN (precancerous lesions) can be identified and treated before progressing to anything potentially more serious. He said the usual treatment for VAIN is laser. 

Hope that helps and please let us know how you appointment goes as this is something I had been thinking about too when I try to imagine what is still ahead on my journey 

Thanks x


Firstly I hope your recovery is going well and your being looked after! I was very lucky my recovery was brilliant.

Thank you so much for your reply, I has made things make much more sense. To be honest I had never been told if HPV was present and it was something I never asked funnily enough. I have no idea why I didn't. I thought my trips down to the clinic would be all done after my all clear.

I will keep you update and hope you keep resting x

Thank you haylesd! I'm glad I was able to share some info to help you make sense of what may happen - though totally understand your frustration at being back in that colposcopists couch! I am sure they will just be extra cautious with us now to make sure anything can be nipped in the bud, and in a way I find that a bit comforting I suppose 

Glad to hear your recovery from hysterectomy was straightforward! It's not too terrible for me so far, I am sore, and my lady bits are swollen and bruised, but I am able to do more and more with every day :-) 

Take care x

Hi Haylesd

Hope you're well. As FeelingtheFear says they will be checking for HPV changes in the vaginal and Vulval tissues.

I had my vault smear in March, I still havent had the results however I also had a biopsy of granulation tissue which I did get a call about and they were clear...phew. I hadn't realised how much this whole thing had affected me until I was sat in that colposcopy clinic again. 
Good luck xxx