Confused - cin 3 on vagina

Hi folks. Had an appt at colposcopy today to hear my results face to face. Was a bit different to the phone call. I misunderstood on the phone. I had a cone biopsy under GA almost 8 weeks ago and the surgeon also removed some genital warts I've been trying to get rid of for 2 years. The cervix he said was nothing to worry about but I had cin 3 where they removed the warts. Am a bit freaked out cos I thought I knew what to expect going forward and now I don't. I have to get my next smear at colposcopy in November so they can check for vaginal changes. He had VAIN written on his notes. Has anyone had any experience of this type of cells? Dxx

Hi Hun, 

I had vain3 which I had some laser treatment for when I had my trachelectomy. I didn't really understand it much & kind of shut off from it all but to my understanding it is pretty much the same thing as CIN except its on the vaginal walls rather than cervix. Sorry I can't be of much more helP. 


Hi Johanna,

Thanks very much for your message.  I am hoping it is just the same.  Bit worried cos they can't test for it like they do with your smear.  Just know they will have a good look at my 6 month smear.  It's just the feeling of like another unknown thats bothering me. 

I am so sorry that you have had such a hard time.  I really hope you are well on the mend.


Debs xxx