Results from Colposcopy HPV +, CIN1 and VAIN1.

Hi, I'm 51 and have recently been diagnosed with HPV, CIN1 and VAIN1. My last abnormal smear was 10 years ago, but the HPV test wasn't in exsistance then. Have I had it that long? I'm l iwondering if it is an old infection which has come back, or a new one? I have to go back in November (6 months time) for another Colposcopy. I'm very anxious and worried about this, will I ever have a normal result again?!

I would appreciate anyone's reply regarding my current situation whether it be personal experience or knoweledge. Does anyone know/or has been able to clear the HPV infection at my age?




Hi. I am a vain girl. There's not many of us about! I have been told that it's highly unlikely I will ever clear it from my system. HPV can lay dormant for many years. So there's no answer to your wuestion if it is a new or old infection. 

As yours is both 1. i think your doc is right by waiting 6 months to see if it goes away, gets worse, stays the same etc

i had vain 2/3 in october last year. Removed by wide local excision ,an all clear in Feb and now its back again. I've decided to wait 6 months (I'll be seen in 3 for the cc) and see what happens. 

Any vain questions feel free to pm me. X

Hi there!

Im also a VAIN/CIN/HPV gal! My VAIN and CIN were both level 3- so mine got removed under GA. I've been told VAIN has a high recurrence rate so will b checked every 3 months. As yours was stage 1 they take a watch and wait approach, as it may clear up via ur own immune system xx

Hi yorkgirl, I am 63 and have CN1 and Vain1. It’s been a real body blow. I have never had an abnormal pap before. Mine must be a very old infection. I have heard it is more difficult to get rid off when you are older. I am going to get a second opinion from a gynaecologist oncologist so see what he suggests. I have lost a stone in weight through all the stress.