Hi everyone, I had a normal smear but hpv present back in March. End of April I had colposcopy and the lady said I needed biopsys. Been waiting 6 weeks for the results and they have finally arrived....


I am a CIN1 which I understand but I'm also a VAIN 1 and 2. Apparently I have to have the area excised under a general anesthetic. Has anyone else had this done? I now have to wait for my appointment.....not even a leaflet to explain. Feeling concerned :-( 

Hi there :) I am awaiting an appointment to get VAIN3 removed under a GA. VAIN is the same as CIN but on the vaginal wall as opposed to the cervix. They laser it out under a GA as it's an awkward area to treat, so it's a lot easier for patients to be knocked out. i'll let u know how it goes once I've been in :)

Hi. I was diagnosed in Octover last year with vain 3. had wide local excision. Now vain is back and they are going to do laser. It's rare. the op was very 'doable' but it does have s very high recurrence rate. Happy to answer any questions. 

Hi nemo, thankyou very much for your reply. I've only just got used to the CIN stages only to be thrown some V's I didn't even know you could get the same problem in that area. Wishing you the best of luck xxx