Post T-LAP Hyst - CIN treatment

Hi Hope somebody can help put my mind at ease whilst I await the MDT meeting on wednesday. 

12 Months ago I underwent a total lap hysterectomy after undergoing three LLETZ treatment under general due to stage 1aa cancer.

The hystology from the womb came back with total removed CIN and as a result I believe it all clear.

Since then I have had two vault smears the most recent coming back with increased dyskaryosis (to what level I am unsure)

My question is.... should they wish to start treatment where do they go from here now there isnt any 'play pen' so to speak?

The last MDT meeting agreed that it should be monitored under 3 monthly vault smears but they are obvioulsy concerned to take this back to the meeting again?

To compound my worry I have recently lost a good friend to cervical cancer after 12 months of treatment.

Your help and/or advice would be appreciated.


Many thanks

Hi Mishawest80,

Just wanted to pop in and say Hi and send you a big hug. I know how much anxiety these Vault smears can cause. I remember thinking that my problems would be over having had my TLH but then to be told about Vault smears and ongoing investigations I was stunned. I was told not to worry if there were slight changes as this is very common after Hysterectomies (easier said than done right??) They are no longer looking for Cin.. It will be Vain or Vin I believe they test for with Vault Smears. My first vault came back negative but in not due my next one until jan 2015. I would be glad that they are keeping such a close eye on things as Vain can be treated quite successfully with an Oestrogen Cream (I read this somewhere). Nevertheless we do still worry and that's only natural. I had some spotting after intercourse a few days ago and it's freaked me out but I refuse to let 'cancer head' come back! My top tips would be: listen to your docs, try not to stress, get plenty of sleep, load up on those fruit n veg, green tea and multi vits and avoid smoking. That's everything I have done and with lots of help from the lovely ladies on this site I am getting on each day taking one step at a time. I will be sending you lots of positive thoughts. 

Luv Shaz x