VAIN help

Hi Ladies,

I'm looking for advice.  After a couple of biopsies (going on since last March) my consultant told me in December that "the problem" was in my vagina and I have "bad cells" on both walls. On 7th March I go in for what he said was LLETZ treatment and "vaginal mapping"  under GA.

1st question,  Most of the posts I am reading from you lovely ladies seem more informed than I am, is this purely because I am not asking the right questions? or that your results have been posted to you (at all my appointments I've been given another one there and then) ? My consultant expalined about VAIN but didn't mention 1,2 or 3, when he walked out of the room I quickly glanced at the screen and read VAIN3.  I had to go for a blood test (unrelated) and asked the practise nurse about it and she said she wasn't even aware of the term. Is it that uncommon?

2nd question is about recovery, is it a 3day or 3 weeks situation?  I know we are all different but that wasn't really explained to me either.  I have my pre-op on the 28th and will ask the question then but you ladies know and have been there. Also any suggestion of what else I should be asking or what I should know.

Thanks in Advance 

Z xx