fed up!

I posted around 6 months ago about having mild, then moderate, clear and then severe results back from the smear tests. I've had a biopsy done (no anaesthesia!) And two lletz treatments. Each time the gyno looks at my cervix I show zero white cells when they apply the solution. The gyno is puzzled, I am fed up. My results were subject to a board meeting, they decided to do the lletz as when they do the test if there is just one bad cell the results will come back severe. So went and had this done around the opening of the cervix, job done. I went for a check up smear after having the second lletz done. This has come back, and I quote, "shows that surprisingly you have some severe cells". Surprisingly??! Got my appointment in 2 weeks and they are going to take yet another biopsy, I know from experience this hurts quite a bit. I know I would rather have stuff done than t be too late however I'm not quite sure what to think now as surely the treatment I've had should've got rid of the bad cells so why are there more and why do I never show anything on the screen??!



What a rollercoaster ride you've been on! No wonder your fed up :( 

Sounds like your doctors are as baffled as you are regarding results. 

Im sure they will really look into what will be the best way to help you.

im not very clued up on all of this myself I'm afraid so sorry I can't be of much help but I'm sure somebody will of had a similar experience and will be able to offer some advice.



Thanks for replying! Hopefully so :-\